How To Cut Your Cell Phone Bill To Less Than A Dollar

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As much as we love our cell phones, paying the bill is certainly something we don’t look forward to. Fortunately, there are many legitimate ways to cut your cell phone bill to literally pennies a day. We will share a few strategies that have worked in the past:

Go prepaid

If you have access to a phone at work and home, it would make a lot of sense to cut down your cell phone use. In addition to the reduction in “radiation absorption,” you will be padding your bank account with hundreds of extra dollars every year. It is much simpler than you think.

Instead of opting for a monthly contract, consider signing up for a prepaid cell phone plan. You can choose prepaid plans with a variety of options. From monthly usage plans to “pay only when you use” plans there are plenty of options, some as low as a few cents a day.

Furthermore, you pay for prepaid plans in advance so there is very little scope to go overboard. In fact, prepaid plans should be named “re-paid” plans as they are so effective in cutting cell phone bills.

Flat rate options are the best

Cell phone carriers are a competitive lot and if you follow the industry closely, you will notice that there are less than ten major carriers that control a major proportion of the market share. Often, in a bid to out-perform each other, these carriers roll out promotional plans and deep discounts that ultimately benefit consumers.

Some plans offer low cost, unlimited use plans with the option of bundling unlimited phone time, texts, and Web and data use for a low flat monthly rate.

Family plans are easy on the budget

Cell phone carriers love “volume customers”. If a family of seven signs up with a single carrier, it could be a win-win for everyone, including the carrier. Often, the savings are passed on the consumers in the form a low cost family plan. In addition to the savings, calling family members within the same network could be very cost-effective (and sometimes free) as well.

Eliminate features you don’t need

Some features are absolutely necessary whereas others are just “money makers” for cell phone companies and these are the ones you can usually do without. Go through your cell phone bill with a tooth comb and find out if you are signed up for features that you don’t really need. Eliminating just a few of these “extras” could bring your bill down significantly.

Say goodbye to apps you don’t need

Some smartphone users are charged with a heavy bill for excess data utilization. You may be surprised but a few apps could consume a lot of bandwidth and increase your monthly bill accordingly. Don’t download apps that you don’t need. Stick to the ones that truly benefit you.

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