How Can I Make Some Extra Money?

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By John

People are increasingly looking for ways to make extra money these days. They say that they are already saving as much as they possibly can, but it’s still not enough. We are not looking at this from a tycoon’s point of view, but from that of the average family with a typically modest income.

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So we are not talking trading stock-options here, or buying a soccer team, but rather how you can earn a little extra money through some creative thinking. And you probably have more options than you ever realized. First, here is a caveat:

Be skeptical about get-rich-quick schemes

They sound awfully attractive to someone who is hard-up. A lot involve affiliate marketing or SEO projects. Maybe there are some which, as promised, make people millionaires within a year, other than the guy who dreamt the thing up, but you have to wonder why the world and his wife haven’t already done it and become millionaires. It’s well worth researching such schemes and reading the reviews and running them through scam-searching websites before you take the plunge.

Then there are lotteries. You know the odds on winning those ….

If you want a more certain outcome, we believe it’s better to look closer to home. Here are our favorite tips on how you can make some extra money:

Be creative

If you have any sort of artistic streak, try arts and crafts, using unwanted or old materials and furniture. You can also forage for interesting flowers, leaves or bird feathers near your home or driftwood and seashells from the shore to incorporate into your creations.

You can sell your CD and DVD collections (back them up first). You can sign up with an agency and sell your digital photos.

Have you any spare space in your yard? Try renting it out for someone to park their car or use it as storage space.

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Sell your services

People always want help with all manner of things, besides the perennial dog-walking and baby-sitting and grass-cutting. You may discover you have a talent for gardening or landscaping. You can run errands for the elderly. You can become a tutor, especially if you have a specialization.

Go online

If you are internet-savvy, you can join a freelance agency and design websites and landing-pages. You can start your own website or blog and make money. You can sign up with marketing research agencies and become a product reviewer, or mystery shopper, or take part in online paid surveys. A word of warning: research these agencies properly before you sign up to ensure that you are in line to receive an actual benefit.

Other agencies will pay you to write articles for their clients. You can write articles based on a topic or theme laid down by the client, or you can write articles on topics which interest you and put them out there and hope that someone will buy them. Most people have latent talent in this area, or at least a degree of specialized knowledge and this is a great way to spend your spare time and earn a few bucks.

Become a trader

Go to garage and yard sales, auctions and thrift sales and see what you can pick up cheaply for resale online. Buy cheap and sell for profit. There is somebody in the market for pretty well everything that anyone wants to sell nowadays and it just takes some patient on- or off-line searching to find the person who wants what you have to sell.

Taken item by item, the extra money you can make from most of these ideas may be modest but it all adds up.

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