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Young Drivers' Insurance

Despite extensive research, young drivers are unable to procure low insurance rates and the premiums paid on young drivers insurance are often excruciatingly high. If you are in the market for young drivers insurance and are looking for lower-priced options, we have some tips for you. Read on.

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Why young drivers insurance costs so much?

Well, to begin with auto insurance companies are in the business to make profits and given the risk-driven nature of the business, most insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of risk perception -- the riskier the insuree, the higher the premium and vice versa. Young drivers, given the relative inexperience and also historical accident-prone behavior, are often riskier to insure and as a result insurance companies can charge this market segment a higher premium as compared to the adult counterparts.

If you are still reading this article, you are probably determined to save on young drivers insurance and may find the following tips useful:

Empower yourself with the right information. Well, the best way to lower your young drivers insurance premium is to educate yourself about traffic laws and various rules and regulations. This will help you not only maintain compliance with the appropriate laws, but also improve your driving record and, in turn, lower the cost of young drivers insurance.

Emulate a good role model. If you know of a family member with a stellar driving history, ask her or him to drive with you a few times. If worthy, you can certainly emulate their safe driving practices and thus improve your driving history even further. Better still, enroll in a professional driving school and learn from a seasoned pro.

Defensive driving can defend you against high premiums as well. Some insurance companies will work with you to lower your premiums even further if you can present proof of defensive driving classes. They may perceive you as a lower risk or view your initiative as a step toward safer driving practices and thus consequently grant you lower insurance premiums.

Don’t drive under the influence. As easy as it may sound, many young drivers fail to follow this one simple precaution. If you are under the influence of any intoxicant or substance, go easy behind the wheel. Avoid driving as far as possible. A vast majority of accidents take place when drivers are intoxicated.

Ask if your parents would be willing to add you on their insurance policy. All auto insurance policies are different, so check with your parent’s auto insurance provider if adding you to their policy could save you on your young drivers insurance. Of course, if your parents allow you to do so, you must take your responsibilities seriously. One wrong move and you could be jeopardizing the status (and price) of their auto insurance policy as well.

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