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What is a Cash Card

A cash card is a prepaid cash card, or a card having present cash value from a specific store, or it can be any card that can be used in ATM or any other cash machine. It is used to pay easily online for all types of services or products at a particular store, and it is read by a cash card reader. Cash card comes in flexible denominations.

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Many people don’t have the habit of carrying any plastic around with them, even they are well aware that in many occasions cash cannot be that much helpful as compared to cash card. If someone has a cash card in his/her wallet, he/she can definitely become able to function easily in today’s advance world of technology.

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Hot Credit Card Offers
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The First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard(R) Secured Credit Card
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* This online application is subject to the terms and conditions as described in the Important Information Section of the application.

Many people also do not own a debit card, a credit card or any internet-facilitated bank account, and therefore, become unable to purchase services and products online. Many people do own debit cards, credit cards or internet facilitated bank accounts but they are unwilling to purchase products online as they don’t want to tell their bank and sensitive personal information. This all meant limited market reach and opportunities for generating profits in the past, but now the trend has changed.

Cash Card, a new concept

A cash card or prepaid is a new concept that normally carries a logo associated with major credit card providers. They can be easily used wherever these logos are displayed like in ATMs, shops, restaurants etc. Some prepaid cards can be used in many countries throughout the world.

Cash cards can provide great convenience of a credit or debit card but without any possibility of excessiveness. They are not like a traditional credit card with its all too appealing credit limit and related possible risk of slipping into debt. There is also no accidental chance of running up illegal overdraft charges that may sometimes happen with a traditional debit card. Cash card can allow you to only spend what you have previously decided to load. Instead of carrying cash around with you, cash cards are much safer to use as they are PIN protected. If your card is stolen or lost, you can easily safeguard your money by making a single quick phone call to block the card.

Place to get a Cash Card

Normally cash cards or prepaid cards are available online. Anyone above 18 years of age can be eligible to apply for the cash card by providing proof of their identity like details from NIC card, driving license or from their passport. After waiting for a specific period of time, the card is sent to the owner, where the PIN, in accordance with standard security procedures, is sent in a separate packet. After getting the card, the person loads cash to it by a standard bank transfer or any pay point shop.

Facilities provided by Cash Cards

Some cards provide you with the facility of your own e-account which you can easily use in the same way as any standard bank account. You can use your card online to make bills and payments, you can credit your card online, you can be able to download balance to your phone, and most importantly you can easily keep an eye on your position.

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