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What is a Card to Card Transfer?

If you’ve got a credit card – or a few of them – you’re probably quite familiar with how easy it is to get tangled up in increasing amounts of debt due to interest charges and a principal balance that just never seems to get paid down. Well, a card to card transfer can be the answer to the ever present question of how to finally pay down your credit card balance without first hitting the state lottery.

How does a card to card transfer work?

A card to card transfer is relatively simple; you basically open up a new credit card that allows balance transfers, and preferably a card that offers an introductory interest rate of 0 APR (annual percentage rate). Finding a credit card that offers an introductory incentive of a low interest rate combined with balance transfer is ideal, because it provides you the opportunity to begin paying off the principal balance of your new card without having to contend with interest charges adding to your balance every month.

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How can a card to card transfer help me?

When most credit cards today feature an interest rate of around 16% APR or higher, it’s really not shocking that so many people see a need to take advantage of the benefits of a card to card transfer. And those benefits are obvious – depending on your ability to pay down your balance, you can make significant headway on reducing it before the introductory period ends and a new APR makes an appearance. So long as you’re responsible and careful, you could take a large portion of your debt off the table, and the interest charges that will apply won’t add nearly so much to your new principal balance.

Why would credit companies offer this type of incentive?

Contrary to how it may seem, balance transfers benefit credit companies too. Sure, they have to fork out the initial investment to your previous card company, but that means that they’re now going to be making that money back, plus interest in the future. They’ve also brought in a new customer – you – who will potentially give them more business with future credit transactions on your new card; let’s face it, there’s little more tempting than making purchases on a credit card that’s finally been paid down clear.

What are the potential risks of a balance transfer?

Well, ensuring that you read all the paperwork involved in the initial card to card transfer is essential to knowing whether you’ll be facing any additional, hidden fees in this transaction. Transfer fees, fees for joining the new institution and annual fees on your new card are all possibilities, and shouldn’t necessarily be deal-breakers; so long as you’re aware of the fees and can afford to pay them, you may decide to go through with the transfer. One of the most common fees in a balance transfer is the transfer fee itself, as this is generally a percentage of the transfer amount – if your balance is large enough, that fee could be hefty. Also, if you don’t keep up with your payments, and do your best to reduce your principal balance, you could find yourself at the end of your intro period in the same position you just escaped with the card to card transfer to begin with.

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