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What are Credit Cards? What you Didn't Know, but Should Know

In this modern and sophisticated era of technological advancements, banks and credit card companies are offering credit cards for the facilitation of the customers. But for the new comers, they are familiar to the term credit card, but what are credit cards, what do they offer, is a question mostly raised by them.Get a great credit card with 0% interest at

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Credit Card by Definition

A credit card is issued by either a credit card or a financial company with the purpose of borrowing funds to the credit card holder at the point of sale transactions, usually. When you want to make the payment after you are dining at the restaurant, or shopping at the mall, or whatever situation regarding payment, you can simply give away the credit card, and your card is charged with the amount of money.

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No Cash Just Card

You can use the credit card instead of using and keeping cash with yourself all the time. You are free from the burdensome wallet, and securing the ca all the time, you can just slip in the card and it makes its place in your pocket easily. Handling and keeping and dealing in cash, is quite an authoritative method today, and with a credit card, it’s quite easy to manage your cash and make the payments.

Interest Rates

Credit cards charge interest rates on the purchases that you make on your credit. The interest rates differ periodically. For instance, at the start when you are a new customer, 0 percent introductory rate is charged to you. This APR which is annual percentage rate of interest keeps on changing due to your good and bad credit histories. If you have a good credit balance and you pay off your debts within a specified time your APR is low, and when you delay making payments, the APR increases burdening you with a large amount of debt to be paid in years.

What Are Credit Cards Used For

Credit cards can be used for earning back on your purchases from 1-5% even, when you opt for the right one. You also get investment rewards in terms of when you deposit your cash into the investment account; you get cash back at a higher rate in exchange.  You can also avail the credit points transferred t your card when you make a purchase of 5 dollars, some s point is transferred to your card and you can redeem the gifts and other exciting offers after the points meet the desired level.

What are credit cards for?

Credit cards are for your own convenience, for handling your cash in a secured, reliable and flexible way. Credit card companies are offering different credit cards for different segments. For instance, you have a student credit card for students, business credit card for business owners and the like.


Hence, it is made vivid that what are credit cards and how they can be used bringing out the best value for you and facilitating you throughout.

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