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What an MVR Is?


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  1. Your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does much more than just issuing licenses, registering vehicles, and collecting fees. In addition to these functions, the DMV would gather information and maintain records about your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), which also goes by the name of Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). Irrespective of what MVR stands for, it provides valuable information about your driving history and also serves as a verification tool for your drivers license.

    Some states also provide MVRs in other names and forms, such as MVR, MVR search, driver’s license verification report, DMV search, driving history search, driving history report, and other variants of the term.

    Depending on your state’s reporting processes, the MVR may contain different pieces of information, including valuable data, such as your driving behavior and history, incidences of substance abuse, traffic violations, fines and dues, legally-reportable information, accidents, and other pieces of data.

    In addition to downloadable documents, DMVs will also allow you to download a non-certified driving history report on the local DMV’s website. You will need the following pieces of data while ordering the report:

    • Driver’s license information
    • Birth date
    • Payment method
    • Mailing address (if requesting via mail)
    • Authorization form
    • Other pieces of data as mandated by the DMV


    MVR is used for many reasons, including employment procedures, but the most basic use is by auto insurance companies in the process of making policy issuance decisions.

    If you have questions about what an MVR is and how it is used in your state of residence, contact your local Department of Vehicles and they can provide detailed information, including policies, fees, and other pertinent pieces of data related to MVR. You may also want to ascertain if MVR is the name it goes by in your state of residence.

    What an MVR is?
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