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Tips for Avoiding Auto Accidents; Filing Auto Insurance Claims

It is certainly our fond hope that you never meet with an accident, but an accident is after all an accident and accidents do happen -- sometimes, due to no fault of your own. If such be the case, our article tips for avoiding auto accidents and filing auto insurance claims will certainly prove to be useful both as a preventive and remedial measure.

Tips For Avoiding Auto Accidents and Filing Auto Insurance Claims

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Avoiding auto accidents

  1. Focus, focus, focus. Did you know that a vast majority of accidents occur, not because the driver was incompetent, but because the driver was distracted. Thanks to technology, we are constantly distracted by text messages, cell phone calls, last minute conference calls, other drivers, work stress, personal issues, and so much more. When you are driving, for your own sake just throw these distractions aside and keep your eyes on the road. Remember, your life -- and the lives of those on the road -- are at stake.
  2. Maintain a distance. Keep as much space as possible between you and other drivers. That way you will have plenty of room to respond to an unforeseen eventuality.
  3. What are signals for? It is very important that you alert other drivers about your decisions. If you are abruptly changing lanes or heading for the exit, please alert other drivers so they can react accordingly. Use the turn signals, hand alerts, and all other tools at your disposal to ensure a safe journey.
  4. Other drivers may not have your best interests. Many drivers harbor the fallacy that others will be alert even if they are not. Well, the truth is that if everyone thinks that way no one will be alert on the road. Be proactive and take responsibility for your own safety -- and the safety of others.
  5. Observe laws. From speed limits to zone restrictions, observe all applicable laws. Discretion is always a better part of valor and don’t forget, the laws were designed for your own safety.
  6. Stay calm. The road is certainly not the place to vent your anger or compete -- remember we are not on a racing track. One mistake and many precious lives could be at stake. Keep your cool and drive safely. Aggressive driving and road rage could never be the answer for any situation.

Tips For Avoiding Auto Accidents and Filing Auto Insurance Claims

Filing auto insurance claims

  1. Focus on safety first. As unpleasant as car accidents can be, the most important thing to do is to stay calm in the situation and use tact and diplomacy. On ensuring the safety of everyone, call emergency services and request medical help immediately.
  2. If you are unsure speak to an attorney and avoid admitting fault without legal counsel.
  3. Be professional and courteous to law enforcement personnel. Follow their directions -- they were trained to do their job.
  4. Get in touch with your auto insurance company and, if possible, seek their counsel and advice, especially if they can get you in touch with their legal counsel.
  5. Exchange information with all parties involved in the accident, including name, address, phone number, insurance-related information.
  6. Make records, notes, and take plenty of pictures and videos as they will help when you file the claim and also facilitate investigations.

Tips For Avoiding Auto Accidents and Filing Auto Insurance Claims

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