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Student Car Insurance

Student car insurance can cost an arm and a leg. Age and driving experience are very important variables in the car insurance pricing mix and as a result student car insurance can be very expensive in most instances.

First and foremost, we need to understand why student car insurance can be expensive. To begin with, students are generally thought to be a high risk population, especially when it comes to accidents and driving emergencies.

Here we go:

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Research multiple companies. Students are very well-versed with latest research tools and very savvy when it comes to using the Internet (hey, isn’t that why you are on our site). Unfortunately, very often they do not utilize their skills to their own advantage. If you want to really save on student car insurance, research multiple car insurance companies and obtain free student car insurance quotes before you make your pick.

Group discounts can save. If your school offers group discount rates or if you are a member of a club or fraternity, you may be able to lower your car insurance costs through group rates.

Ask if your parents will add you on to their insurance plan. Another valid way to save is to ask your parents if you could be added to their car insurance policy. There is a certain amount of risk for them, especially if you were to be involved in an accident, but if they consent you may be able to save a bunch on car insurance.

Focus on safety-enhancing strategies. Improving the safety of your vehicle and taking proactive steps, such as enrolling in a defensive driving class can go a long way in reducing the cost of your car insurance. Check with your insurance company if they offer such discounts. Remember, every company would have its own rate-busting mechanism. Asking them is the very first step that will help you save on your car insurance needs.

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