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How to Get the Most Out of Your Rewards Cash

Today’s society sees us paying credit just as much as, if not far more often than, we use actual cash to pay for everything from gas to groceries to getaways. But with credit being something we all use, credit card companies are trying to find more and more ways to convince consumers like us why we should choose their credit card line over that of their competitors.

These ‘rewards’, as the credit companies call them, range anywhere from airline miles to rewards cash, and is accrued through using the credit card as you normally would. But the simple truth is that if you don’t know how to get the most out of your rewards cash, you could find yourself ‘losing’ out with the rewards.

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Don’t Overdo It

Just because you get rewards cash for making purchases on your credit card does not mean you should immediately go out and rack up 90% of your credit limit to accrue rewards – first of all, this looks highly irresponsible to future credit providers when they review your credit report but, more importantly, you may end up digging a hole for yourself that your cash rewards simply can’t get you out of.

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Instead, you should try to use your new cash rewards card as you would use your regular credit card. Making normal, everyday purchases may make you feel like you’re earning your rewards cash way too slowly to ever make a difference, but it’s better to make manageable purchases than outrageous ones. You want to make sure you can really benefit from your cash reward rather than just spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your bonus cash fast.

Pay Off Your Balance

It may seem counterproductive because we generally make purchases on credit so that we can make regular payments on our purchases, but paying off your balance each month enables you to avoid fees or interest payments that could potentially eat into the rewards cash you’re spending to earn. In fact, when you pay your balance off in full each month, you’re effectively earning money by shopping; what could be better than that?

What this means is that you should try to use your card for purchases within your means, rather than using it to make splurge purchases you can’t really afford to make. So, instead of buying that 55 inch LED TV with your new card, maybe you could use it to pay for your lunches during the week, or your monthly groceries – something you normally pay for with cash, that you know you have the finances to cover, so when it’s time to pay off your monthly bill, you have no worries. Practicing smart  purchases with your rewards card frees up much more of your rewards cash that might otherwise be overshadowed by fees and interest payments.

Be Aware of the Terms of Your Card

It seems simple: you spend money, you get money. But knowing the individual terms of your card can enable you to make the purchases that will net you the most rewards cash. For instance, some credit companies offer a certain percentage of cash back when you make purchases for gas, and others offer larger percentages when you make purchases for dining out. Knowing where your purchases would be best made can help you to earn more cash, faster, and with less expenditure on your part.

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