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Rewards Card

What is a Rewards Card

A rewards card is just like the latest and most effective marketing strategy applied by credit card companies. Rewards card is gifted to those customers and clients of the company that use to buy things regularly.  This card contains some benefits for buyers as well.

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Loyalty Program

The rewards card is a result of Loyalty Program that is a marketing as well as retail strategy. It is also known as loyalty card, provided to loyal customers as a gift. Many companies are using this strategy for their publicity and increasing their market share. Currently in USA few super stores and boutiques have introduced a special card scheme that is gifted to the customer who use to buy things over $250. The benefits of this card is that the card holder can get a discount on every purchase from partner stores.


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Advantage Card

The rewards card is also known as an advantage card as it is for the customers to take full advantage on the firm's products. They can get discount as it is mentioned earlier as well as it can also provide some extra benefits.

Points Card

Points card is also a rewards card. Now a days in European countries and USA this marketing is very common and effective that the company provides the points card to the customers. The card is like a credit card in shape but its process is different. Whenever the customer purchases the firm's products she/he gains points and after some specific number of points the customer can buy the products and services of the firm against these points.

Successful Marketing Strategy

In modern world the companies are getting more and more advanced that is why they are applying new ideas for marketing strategies. The rewards card idea has been proved extremely effective and successful in the modern environment. Everybody is looking for some discount in buying products. The companies has used this idea and launched rewards card as discount cards loyal cards points cards etc that is attracting the customers and helping in attaining more customer values for the company. For example, WalMart is the worlds biggest store it is also providing the customers with rewards card in different shapes. They even use to celebrate the customer's birthdays and gifted then cakes and birthday cards on this events.

Another shape of reward card is vouchers and gift cards. For example few hotels offers their gift voucher for stay in the hotels. Few airlines offer the voucher for free or discounted travel to the regular customers.

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