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Retail Credit Cards -- Shopper's Paradise

Retail credit cards are a special kind of card issued by specific retailers. They are a great way to enter a shopper’s paradise for those who enjoy buying from particular retailers and they are often much easier to get than traditional credit cards. But the benefits of these cards don’t just apply to consumers, retailers also benefit from keeping loyal customers coming back again and again with their lines of credit, and they also get to make a profit through their lending institution. All around, these cards are a paradise for those involved with them.Get a great credit card with 0% interest at

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Hot Credit Card Offers
Hot Credit Card Offers
Type Brand Annual Fee APR Cashback Bonus Details/Apply
The First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard(R) Secured Credit Card
$29 19.99% N/A


* This online application is subject to the terms and conditions as described in the Important Information Section of the application.

Card Holders Get Preferential Treatment

One thing many people without retail credit cards don’t realize is that card holders are often the recipients of special benefits from both the retailer and the bank which issues the card. A large percentage of retail credit card companies provide perks like special private sales and events in the retail store, coupons and discounts only for card holders, and reduced prices or special buys only available to card holders. These benefits can easily outweigh the interest that a card holder may be charged over the lifetime of the card and are not offered by traditional credit cards used at the same retailers. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing like going to a private, invitation only sales event at one’s favorite retailer just because one has a credit card with that company. Exercise caution, though, and review the terms and conditions in extreme detail (and with abundant caution) to ensure you understand the terms you are signing up for. Special fees and charges may apply as well.

Retail Cards are Often Easier to Get

For those who may not be able to get a traditional credit card, retail credit cards are a great option because they often have much less strict requirements for proof of income and ability to pay. That’s not to say that the cards don’t require applicants to have the means to pay the bill, it means that they are much more likely to understand when a young person has no credit history to use to get a card, or when a person is trying to rebuild credit after a life altering event like a job lay-off.

The majority of retail credit cards require proof of income and a decent credit score, but are willing to give just about anyone a chance. Many companies handle this risk by starting out new cardholders with low available credit limits, but these can easily be increased over time.

Points and Interest Discounts

Many retail credit cards go one step further than just offering special sales and promotions, and give card holders points to use based on their purchases. Just like airline mileage programs, these points can be saved up for all kinds of special items and discounts. Sometimes these points are automatically turned into gift certificates after a certain limit is reached. That works out to being cash back through spending. And, many cards offer interest rate discounts just for signing up or even discounts on purchases over a certain amount. And too, many retail credit cards offer cardholders no interest options on large retail purchases.

The benefits of retail credit cards are many, especially as compared to traditional credit cards. For those looking to establish or re-establish credit, these cards are the way to go.

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