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Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards - Working your Way in and out of the Web Without Hurting Yourself

The Web is a merry place, with many curious things; predatory creatures lurk in wait, to grab you by the wings. Doffing a hat to Mary.

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Conveniences often become headaches when you have to use them with kid gloves. Then the whole process becomes more than a tad tiring. Credit cards have made life very convenient. So has the Internet. However the two in conjunction have caused a lot of angst.

Cyber criminals are adept at capturing card details and misusing them, adept at wiping you out. This makes the online shopping a harrowing experience. Hence a lot of people refrain from taking advantage of the convenience that online shopping brings.

The answer to your online shopping woes takes form albeit virtual in the Virtual Prepaid Credit Card.

So what is a Virtual Prepaid Credit Card?

First of all, it is not a credit card. It is actually a debit card. Second of all, it does not exist in the material form. It exists in an online avatar only.

A virtual prepaid credit card is a set of numbers. That’s all. These set of numbers are what you enter into an online shopping site instead of your regular credit card numbers.

You have already purchased the virtual credit card number from a vendor, carrying a certain amount associated with it. On entering this number on the shopping site, an amount either equal to, or less than the value assigned to the card is deducted.

This is a fantastic thing, because you can never be charged more than amount allocated to a particular virtual credit card, hence even if someone did get your number by some fluke they would not be able to misuse it as you may have already emptied the card, or there may be some minor negligible amount associated with it. This would make the logistics of playing mischief to gain these numbers impractical to crooks. It would just not be worth their time. Since you load your card on a need based basis, no one can ever utilize it for mischief.

Most of these cards are a one time use, though some can be loaded a few number of times. This again provides the necessary security. The validity of these cards is also short so again this makes the whole process of holding these numbers a very secure proposition.

The virtual prepaid credit card number is not linked to any of your personal information, such as your social security number, banking account numbers or phone number. Hence there is no way that anyone can indulge in identity theft or get into your other accounts through this channel. Remember no name or identifying information is attached to the virtual prepaid credit card.

What is the worst that can happen with a virtual prepaid credit card? At the most if you lose your prepaid amount. The credit card number may be stolen if the online purchases are not made over a secure connection, or if you lose the payment receipt or someone gains access to a physical copy of the number that you may have written down on some piece of paper. If so, then yes, you stand to lose money, but only to the amount that the card is loaded up to. To be even more cautious, generate virtual prepaid credit cards for yourself only if and when you are going to go online shopping. Once you have decided what it is you want to buy and determined its price then generate a virtual prepaid credit card of only that amount so you can empty it immediately. Both these measures serve to make this an even more secure process. Where can you get a Virtual Prepaid Credit Card? It is easy to fill out the details online and there are various ways to transfer funds to the service providers depending on which vendor you use. You can obtain details on the website itself. Some of the vendors offering this service are TruCards Entropay WWWcards ePassporte Paypal Epay Both VISA and MasterCard options are available but the availability varies from vendor to vendor. Vendors vary in the ways that you may load the account. Vendors usually accept Bank Wire, Western Union, MoneyGram, Liberty Reserve. You can also load online by feeding in your regular credit card details but I would think that would defeat the very purpose why you set out acquiring the card in the first place. Can these cards be used like regular plastic? No they can’t. For usage like plastic they should actually exist in material form, which they do not. Virtual Credit Cards can only be used for online, phone or fax orders. Students can also fill our card information on their registration or payment forms/papers to pay for school fees or exams registration. Any place where there is a demand for a physical verification of the card is unsuitable for VCC usage. What are the fees associated with this facility? Activation fees, Monthly fees, Loading fees, Transaction fees. Few other situations where you can use the Virtual Prepaid Credit Cards are: As Gifts. Virtual Prepaid Credit Cards are an excellent gift option. During evaluation of trial offers. Various services on the internet require you to enter your credit card details during registering for trial offers. Here a Virtual Prepaid Credit Card comes in handy for if you do not like the service, you are not worried that you will be charged in case of delays on their part to de-register you, if you choose to revoke the service once the trial period is over. Virtual Prepaid Credit Cards are a sensible and smart choice. They make good use of the Kiss principle – Keeping it Safe and Simple. Go ahead and traverse the gossamer maze with confidence.



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