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Why do I Need a Credit Card?

Do I need a credit card is a question that most consumers ask themselves and the answer is customarily “yes”. The reasons are different though because consumers adapt to credit cards for different needs. A credit card can prove to be a useful tool when used properly and if not it can prove to be a bigger legal responsibility than an asset.  Some of the reasons why consumers are attracted towards credit cards are discussed below. Get a great credit card with 0% interest at

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For building or rebuilding credit

Use of credit cards pave an excellent way for card holders to establish significant payment history especially if the card holder is young. A good credit history is very important for everyday transactions. Even some employers nowadays, consider the payment history of the applicants before assigning jobs.

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Unsecure Feeling When Carrying Cash

In certain circumstances, when huge amount of money is involved it is unsafe to carry it in your wallet. In such cases credit cards guarantee safety. A credit card also offers security for the card holder’s money in ways that cash does not. In cases of theft, the card holder can prevent or limit the financial loss by calling the card issuer immediately for cancellation. If the person is carrying cash then he cannot prevent the financial loss.

Financial Protection in Case of Emergency

One can’t plan everything in life. Emergencies can occur anytime and a credit card may give you financial assistance in times of need. For example, a car breakdown, illness or in case a storm that has damaged your property.

Convenience and Flexibility in Usage

Credit cards offer consumers convenience in their lives. They are universally accepted by businesses and are easy to carry. They can be used by consumers to pay anytime, anywhere and for everything.

To Save Money on Purchases

Different stores offer discounts on store credit cards. But the intention of these stores is to get more interest than the discounts they offer since most of the consumers don’t pay off every month.

To Earn Rewards

For irresponsible users this option might prove dangerous because if they don’t pay off the balance each month, the card issuing company earns more interest compared to the rewards that they give out.

Drawbacks of Using Credit Cards

The darker side of the picture is that, credit cards encourage card holders to over spend leading them to excessive personal debt and a stressful family life. When one considers the question that do I need a credit card one should keep in mind that some risks are also associated with the benefits. One can overcome these risks by being cautious and sensible in their spending habits. Reasonable discipline should be exercised by the card holder.


Credit cards give flexibility and convenience in financial life, give protection against unexpected losses and eradicate the unsafe feeling of carrying cash but again it should be used wisely and with a good degree of discipline. Mishandling or over expenditure might become a debt nightmare for the card holder.

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