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How to Obtain an Auto Personal Loan if you Have Bad Credit

Even the best fall and fail and when it comes to credit, gaffes are much more common than you would think. A job loss, medical emergency, or other unexpected financial crisis could derail even financially-savvy individuals.

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If you have experienced a similar situation and find your credit ruined, you may not be alone. There are millions of individuals in a similar (or even worst) situation. Since 2008 the financial markets have taken a major hit, and along with investments and savings, individual credit histories are reaching record lows.

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Despite your credit standing, if you are in need of an auto personal loan, don’t worry. There are some lenders who will still offer you an auto personal, albeit on terms that would be different from those reserved for individuals with good credit.

So, if you are looking for an auto personal loan (even if you have bad credit), where and how to obtain one? We have outlined a few options for you:

Car dealers

Well, car dealers will certainly offer you an auto personal loan. They would like to sell you the car, after all, and without financing options they are not going be to able to sell as many cars as they would like. Conduct research and see what they have to offer, but chances are they may not come up with the best deal. It is not because they don’t want to, but their arrangements may be restricted to lenders who work with them.

Do take a look at what they are offering but continue shopping for an auto personal loan on your own as well. Remember, comparison shopping is in your best interests.

Banks, financial institutions

While some banks will offer auto personal loans, not many may have specialized packages for individuals with bad credit. Again, do drop in at your local bank(s) and see what they have to offer. In addition to banks, your credit union may have its own offering as well.


As with everything else, auto personal loans are offered online as well. Fortunately, the online marketplace makes it easier than ever to compare and shop for auto personal loans. One caveat, though, be very careful with your personal information online (and even offline). Check out the reputation of the lender before sharing any personal data, especially your social security number and date of birth.

Now, that you know where to apply for an auto personal loan, how do you go about obtaining one, especially if you have bad credit? Well, there are some strategies that could work:

Ask someone to co-sign for you

If a family member, friend, or spouse is willing to co-sign your auto personal loan, your chances of getting approved are increased. This is because the bank’s risk is reduced due to the co-borrower’s good credit standing.

Check out multiple lenders

Don’t settle for the first bank or lender. Do your share of comparison shopping to find the institution that offers you the best deal. The more information you have, the better your chances of obtaining a good deal.

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