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Managing APR on your Credit Cards can Improve your Finances! How to Find APR -- Tips

Owning credit cards does not always have to mean that you need to look over your shoulder for creditors that are waiting to pounce at the end of each month.  While there are literally millions of credit cards and special offers out there, getting yourself a credit card with the lowest APR will be the best choice you can make when you are mulling over what to choose. It is important to know how to find APR.

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How to find APR

APR is the Annual Percentage Rate.  Basically this means the annual interest rate that you are charged on your credit card.  If you have two or more cards, you must make certain that all of your cards have the lowest possible APR.  The less annual fees and rates you pay, the more benefits you will reap from owning credit cards.

The basic golden rule for owning any type of credit card is to always pay the minimum amount due.  Ideally one should pay more than the minimum to keep the monthly installment low, but never less than the minimum amount due.  This will ensure that you keep on top of your financial expenses each month without having any nasty surprises when it comes to your credit card repayments.

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The different forms of APR

Keep in mind that there are different forms of APR that are applicable to credit cards, the most well known of these are namely, effective APR and nominal APR.  Nominal APR is just the interest rate alone that applies to your credit card or store card.  Effective APR on a credit card means that any extra fees and annual card payments are included with the annual percentage rate.  When you are choosing a credit card to help you out with those unexpected expenses, make sure that you choose one that has only a straightforward nominal APR attached to it.  This will help you save money on fees and unnecessary extra amounts that may be payable on the credit card over a period of time.

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You would also obviously consider your budget before applying for a credit card.  While you are studying your budget, you need to determine the cash which you will be able to spend on a credit card payment each month.  Remember that you also get variable and fixed APR on credit cards of which the most popular and most affordable is the fixed APR.  This simply means that your installment is fixed over the amount of months that you are using the credit limit over.  Having a fixed amount to pay every month will make things a lot easier on your pocket at the end of the month.

When it comes to how to find APR, also make sure that you choose a credit card that will allow you to skip the interest as a whole should you be able to pay off your balance in a certain amount of months.

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