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How to Apply for a Credit Card Without Credit

One of the big questions for people who have just started their first job or turned 18 and are heading off to college is how to apply for a credit card without credit. It may seem like applicants are in a kind of Catch-22 situation: you have to have credit to get a credit card, but you can’t get credit without having a credit card. However, this is very far from the truth. It is possible to get a credit card without any credit history; it just takes a little research and perseverance.Get a great credit card with 0% interest at

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Hot Credit Card Offers
Hot Credit Card Offers
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The First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard(R) Secured Credit Card
$29 19.99% N/A


* This online application is subject to the terms and conditions as described in the Important Information Section of the application.

Credit cards for students

Many times, the first credit card offers young people receive are those for student credit cards. When figuring out how to apply for a credit card without credit, this may seem like a good idea. But students need to be careful and not just take the first offer they receive. The APR (annual percentage rate) for students can be quite high in addition to high annual fees. To save money, students should look closely at any student credit card offers and compare them based on interest rates, fees, and any other qualifying information, like limited credit limits or the need for co-signers. However, with caution and research, cards for students can be a great option.

Bank Credit Cards

Another option for those looking for how to apply for a credit card without credit is applying through their bank or credit union. This is especially true if the applicant has been banking with the same institution for a long time. Banks have a number of credit cards that are tailored to people with specific financial resources, and for those who regularly bank with them, there can be special incentives. This is one time when it pays to go in and apply in person because the bank representative will know you and may know how best to help you get the credit card.

Retail and Department Store Credit Cards

Another option for many people is getting a retail or department store credit card, or gas card. Typically these cards are easier to get than those through other institutions because card holders are generally limited to only using the card at that particular merchant. However, they are often a good option for those who have no credit history and are looking to establish themselves.

Secured Credit Cards

Many people also consider secured credit cards when trying to learn how to apply for a credit card without credit. The advantage of secured cards is that really anyone can get them because the credit line is secured by a deposit from the card holder.

The card holder typically deposits the amount of money requested by the bank and receives a card with that amount as a limit initially. After a period of time, the bank may increase the credit limit. This is a good way to establish credit without having to go through applying for many different cards in the hopes of getting approved.

There are many ways to answer the question how to apply for a credit card without credit. There are really many more options than most people assume.

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