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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

Car insurance is a big ticket item and it is no wonder, our customers frequently ask us “how much does car insurance cost?”

To answer the question -- a wide range of factors go into play to determine the actual cost of car insurance and how much your car insurance costs is going to be determined on how these factors interplay. While that may sound broad, if you are looking for a simple answer it is “risk”.

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Auto insurance companies utilize a wide range of variables to determine how risky you are and if you are perceived as a lesser risk, that will certainly see your auto insurance rates drop significantly. To tell you the truth there is no simple answer to the question how much does car insurance cost? The overall trend, though, as we pointed out can be strongly linked to how much your risk perception is to the auto insurance company.

Here are some factors that go into play to determine how much does auto insurance cost:

1. Improve your driving record. Since auto insurance companies will consider risk as a major factor, the better your driving record, the lesser you will have to pay for car insurance. In other words, the correlation between the two is inversely proportional.

2. Your vehicle. Insurance companies often categorize vehicles under various categories and depending on how your car rates into their criteria, the price of auto insurance will vary. Generally, the year the car was made, its make, safety features, engine capacity and horse power, and other vehicle-related factors can go into play in influencing your car insurance cost.

3. Coverage level. Whether you are opting for basic liability insurance or a more comprehensive package can certainly have an impact on how much your car insurance costs. The overall package can and does influence how much car insurance coss.

4. Location. If you live in an area where there is a high incidence of accidents, your car insurance costs will certainly go up. On the other hand, if you live in a relatively accident-free zone you can expect to pay less for car insurance.

5. Personal characteristics. In addition to the above factors your age, marital status, education, and other personal and demographic factors will also determine how much your car insurance costs.

Again, all of it boils down to just how risky you are in the eyes of the car insurance company. If the collection of the above factors portray you as a less risky candidate, you can expect to pay less and vice versa.

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