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How Can I Lower My Credit Card Interest Rate - Tips

Credit card is the basic mode of payment and transaction today. Credit card companies are in a practice of charging very high interest rates and they pre-set them as default interest rates after the promotional period gets over. Due to this, a persistent question arises in credit card holder’s mind as how can I lower my credit card interest rate. The answer to this is simple, and follows multiple ways that one can adopt for lowering the interest rate charged on one’s credit card.

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Low Introductory Rates

Credit card companies offer very low introductory rates as low as even zero percent to the potential new customers to attract them, as the competition is getting fierce and intense, day by day. When an individual asks him which credit card I should opt for and how can I lower my credit card interest rate, then the low introductory rates resolves his probing questions. The card holder must pay off the balances within the prescribed time allotted for the introductory rates offer, before the offer gets over.

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On Time Payment

It is of common practice by some lazy and inactive careless persons to delay their monthly payments charged on their respective credit cards thus giving off a bad credit history while paying off the debts. In this case the interest rate is charged at a very higher rate relative to the default or even the introductory rate.  A probable solution to this problem is to get you committed in paying off the debts timely, at the end of every month and not transferring the debts onto the next months and saving loads of money this way. Timely payments of balances enable the card holder to avail lower interest rates and can even enable them to win extra reward points for their responsible nature.

Promotional Offers

Many credit card companies offer promotional campaigns encircled around bundled services including lower interest rates, balance transfers with less interest rates charged, online , money transfer facility, holiday trips on reward points for in tome payments and many more. This way when the company decides to launch their promotion campaigns in a particular period, it is advisable to utilize and avail that opportunity for paying off the debts at a very low interest rate and substantially resolves the problem of how can I lower my credit card interest rate.


There are always a number of credit card companies giving tough times to other ones and the intensity of the competition is getting higher day by day as more and more people have started adopting this flexible mode of transaction via credit cards. To serve this high demand, many credit card companies are making their way, undergoing intense efforts, refining policies, lowering their personal costs, reducing operational costs, hence providing extra value adding facilities to their potential and existing customers. This way, the right credit card company can give you the chance to optimize your transactions with lowest possible interest rates..

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