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Cutting your Interest Rate and APR by 50%

Did you know that it is very possible for you to actually cut your interest rate and APR by 50% if you play your cards correctly? There are not very many individuals that really know how to go about doing this.  Therefore, you will see that they will not take the time to carry out this task and they will continue to pay really high interest rates without thinking about it.

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High Interest Rates

If you stop and look at the rate that you are paying right now on your credit card then you might find that you are playing a really high rate.  There are a few reasons why you may be paying a really high interest rate.  Here are a few of them:

  • You may have paid a bill late one time.  Often if you pay a bill late you will be expected to pay a higher interest rate from then on.

The low interest rate has worn off as it may have only been good for a certain amount of time.

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Lowering Interest Rates and APR

Maybe you are more aware of the interest rates and APR rates that you are currently paying.  If that is the case then you are probably a little bit curious about what you can actually do in order to have this rate lowered.  If you have never done this before then you might be a little bit overwhelmed.  It will be very important for you to try the following tips:

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  2. Call your credit card company and ask them for a lower interest rate.  Now, you might not think that this will work but it often does.  You will find that if you are a respected client and you have been using that credit card company for a long time, then they may be willing to give you a lower interest rate.  It might not apply to what you already owe but it may be applied to additional charges.
  3. Think about transferring all of your balances over to a credit card that has 0% interest or that has a lower APR then what you are paying right now.  Most individuals will tell you that they get credit card offers in the mail all of the time.  If you are one of those individuals then you will want to take some time to read through them to see what they might be able to offer you.
Consider rolling all of your payments into one through a loan consolidation.  You will be lowering your interest rate because you will only have one interest rate.  Just think about how much money you will be saving each month.  Think about how that would add up during the year.

Compare Credit Cards

As you can see, you can have a lower interest rate and APR if you just stop and take the time to review what you have in front of you.  Many individuals will not take the time to review this information and they will never know what they are overpaying.  Consider the tips in this article to get you on the right track.

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