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Credit Cards Compared -- Three Tips for Amazing Savings

A credit card is one of the best ways to have a little extra for an unexpected purchase or to pay for an emergency. However, many people shy away from them because of the costs associated with some cards, but paying fees and interest isn’t required on all cards. In this article credit cards compared, it is clear that card holders can have credit available when needed and still pay little to no fees or interest for an introductory period offered by the credit card provider.

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0% Intro APR – Credit Cards Compared

The first thing to notice is that many cards offer 0% introductory APR for at least a few months and there are even some cards that offer it for up to 18 months. A year and a half of no interest on purchases is truly amazing savings. For card holders who use the card to its full potential during the no interest period, it could be possible to buy and pay off furniture, artwork, and car repairs, and just about anything that cardholders can imagine without having to pay it immediately, spreading the payments out over some months, and being charged “no interest” (at least temporarily) to do so. Even better is that some card issuers offer this 0% intro APR on everything, including purchases and balance transfers, so cardholders can transfer over other balances and pay no interest. The savings can be significant, so look for cards that offer 0% intro APR for the longest period possible.

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Cash Back Bonuses

Many issuing banks are working very hard to entice people to sign up for their cards, and because of this many offer cash back bonuses. There are varying amounts of cash back. Some issuers present new cardholders with money as soon as they sign up, while others give cash back based on purchases that are converted to points, or when the cardholder passes a pre-set spending threshold. Whatever the method, cash back puts money right into the hands of cardholders. So, potential cardholders should look for cash back bonuses.

Airline Miles Credit Cards

Another benefit offered by many credit cards is airline miles for every dollar spent. While miles don’t sound like a lot, consider that most airline mileage plans allow members to use their miles for just about anything and members aren’t forced to only use them for travel. They can be converted to purchases, can be donated to charities, and can also be used for car rentals and hotel rooms. Some credit card companies also offer sets of bonus miles at certain spending thresholds as well. So, looking for airline miles programs attached to credit card use is a good idea too.

When looking at credit cards compared to paying cash for items, clearly credit cards have a lot to offer and it doesn’t have to cost interest or fees of any kind. Potential cardholders just need to do a little research to find the best deals. Look for 0% intro APR, cash back rewards, and airline mileage programs to get the best deals and save money too.

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