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Three Crucial Things to Know About Credit Card Solicitations

Distribution of important information can now be done with extreme ease and remotely. With the internet and other such developments in technology, communication has become such an ease. You get messages in your email or calls on your phone from companies who have offers on just about anything under the sun. Oftentimes you tend to ignore them but you should be cautious when you do so because some of them like credit card solicitations might just bring you great benefits.

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One day, you might get an email or a call from credit card companies inviting you to apply for a credit card. When this day comes, do not dismiss them immediately. You will never know what’s in store for you if you keep ignoring them. So instead, listen to what they have to say and consider these three things below:

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Why Do Credit Card Solicitations Find You?

The first thing you probably think when you get a call or email from a credit card company is that they do this to everybody. The truth is they do not. Credit card companies do not just call people randomly and invite them to apply for a card. They actually go through a process of picking out prime candidates for credit card applications.

Getting credit card solicitations implies that you are one of the many chosen people who qualify for credit card applications. Most of the time, credit card companies go through a process of pre-screening consumers to determine who qualifies for a credit card application. If you get a solicitation, consider yourself lucky.

How Did You Qualify For The Offer?

Before credit card companies send out credit card solicitations, they establish a set of criteria to help them pick out prime candidates for their offers. The criteria usually include a minimum credit score or a good credit history.
Upon setting the criteria, credit card companies request a list of qualified candidates from a consumer reporting company. There are two ways on how they get this done.

  1. Credit card companies give the criteria to the consumer reporting company and request a list of qualified candidates. The consumer reporting company will then examine each consumer’s credit information and provide a list of qualified candidates to the credit card company.
  2. Credit card companies send the criteria and a list of consumers who they think are possible candidates for the offer. The consumer reporting company will then examine the credit information of those included in the list given by the credit card company and checks the names of the consumers who met such criteria.

If you meet the criteria set by the credit card company, your name will be included in the list of desirable candidates and the credit card company will contact you for the offer.

What’s In It for You?

Credit card companies often make credit card solicitations irresistible by offering various incentives to desirable candidates. These incentives include introductory interest rates, cash backs and other forms of bonuses, which you will find valuable.


Getting credit card solicitations is a privilege knowing that credit card companies consider you desirable for your exemplary financial stance. More importantly, it is a great opportunity to get awesome incentives so go ahead and get a credit card.

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