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Credit Card Introductory Rates for New Customers

Credit card introductory rate is actually the rate charged at the start of the billing cycle at the time of issuance of the credit card to the customer. This introductory rate is the lowest of all as it’s the start of the billing cycle. This credit card introductory rate is usually well below the market rates for the new customers. Following are some commonly used concepts regarding low introductory rates of credit card that the credit card companies are offering for new customers.Get a great credit card with 0% interest at

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Balance Transfer and Check Balance

These introductory rates not only apply to the purchases that you make on your credit card, but also on the cash advances and balance transfers. During balance transfer some amount of constant interest rate is charged, but the application of introductory lower interest rate is also applied on the transfer of balance, whereas while checking balance, some amount is deducted, and the lowest effect of the introductory rate is also applied.

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Premature Expiry of Introductory Rate

Credit card companies follow a particular payment and billing cycle, which is quite obvious, and this has got a reverberating effect on the introductory rate. Usually, if you fail to make the payment on your credit card for more than 60 days, the introductory rate gets prematurely expired. This will ultimately result in bringing the interest rate of your credit card to the maximum default rate increasing the APR.

Low and Attractive Introductory Rates

In the initial stages, the introductory rates are the minimum interest rates charged, to attract the customers, which is a tactic and a promotion step made by the credit card companies. They deliver attractive Introductory rates are making the credit card holders gets attracted and allowing them to pay even lower finance charges and interest than other credit cards for which the interest rate is quite high. Introductory rates range from 0%-4% for which is quite low starting from 4 months till 12 months. You can pay off your credit card balance to attain the maximum advantage of this lower credit card introductory rate before it gets expired.

Teaser Rate

Teaser rate is the lowest allowable introductory rate mainly for the purpose of attracting the potential customers to avail their service, used by the credit card companies, for loan or deposit account. Usually, a 0% introductory rate is of common practice. Teaser rate is allowed on temporary basis, and is used as an effective marketing tool to drive the potential customers to action.


Faster payments, reliable mode of transaction, best safe and secure payment methods and most flexible way of handling your payments and transactions are some of the best value adding attributes associated to the credit cards. Low introductory rates offered by the credit card companies thus attracts and facilitate customers, and the credit card holders must embrace the advantage of these low credit card introductory rates, paying off the balance on their credit cards, before the offer gets expired.

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