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How to Make Best Use of Credit Card APR Rate

Credit Cards A Solution To Cash Needs

Credit cards have made the lives of people better in many ways. Now they don’t need to have cash in their wallets in order to make transactions. Now people are no more worried of cash robbery. They can take credit cards with them and can be used in many places all over the world. They also provide the people with the short term loans that they can avail to meet their financial deficiency.

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What Apr Rate Is And It Derivation?

APR stands for the Annual Percentage Rate that shows what a loan costs to a borrower or what a cost can be charged by a credit union or bank to its customer. APR is determined by multiplying the nominal interest rates of monthly, quarterly and semi annually durations that are than multiplied with the total number of payments that are due in a year.

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What Credit Card Apr Rate Is Good For A Borrower?

For a borrower APR rate is what he is supposed to pay on the services that he has used and for the loan he has taken from the credit union. So a borrower must go for those credit cards APR rate that is least in different available options so as to get the maximum advantage from the minimum cost.

Role Of Credit History In Determining The Apr

Credit history of a particular person and an organization are always of great interest as they provide the essential information to the credit providers. Banks or credit unions can obtain all the data of a specific person or of an organization that tell the credibility of that person or organization. People having defaulted credit history can be identified and they can be ignored while issuing credit. Those people with high rated credit history can be welcomed and they can be made a valuable asset for a credit union. Credit unions determine the credit card APR rate after analyzing the credit history of borrowers. Different customers can be charged different credit card APR rate depending upon the strength of their credit history.

Comparison Of Credit Card Apr Rate With Other Rates

Credit card APR rates are a good tool to decide for the best investment. Normally different loan are issues in their own periodic interest rates. Some are defined monthly, some quarterly and annually. To compare different options, it is necessary to take them to a common standard and APR rates provide the best standards in which annual interest rates are compared with each other. This makes a borrower and a lender to compare different alternatives from a single view point.

Unethical Practices In Credit Card Payments

Many lenders mislead the customers by giving them an option for partial payment that takes a person to pay some interest amount in next payment that can be ignored with full payment of loan. In the same way, many borrowers misuse the credit by taking maximum loan from the lenders which are banks for most of the time. And at time of payment they declare bankruptcy that causes losses to lenders.

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