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Criteria to Use While Comparing Credit Card Offers

Shopping was so simple in olden days- you simply had to visit the shop, select your stuff, pay for it and get it home. With the advances in lifestyle, everything has changed and shopping is no exception. But sadly the advances are not making things any simpler. On the contrary consumers are now inundated with so many choices that even shopping for a packet of noodles is not so simple anymore. Choose a low rate credit card offer at

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Companies are going head over heels in their attempts at luring customers. This is exactly when consumers need to exercise their judgment and smartness in picking the best offers. All these rules pertain to credit card shopping as well. Comparing credit card offersis crucial if you want to get the best credit card with lowest rates and maximum benefits.

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Hot Credit Card Offers
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Criteria for Comparing Credit Card Offers

While everyone strongly supports comparing credit card offers, no one actually knows the criteria to be used for completing this process perfectly. So here are some highly useful and vital criteria that should be used while comparing credit card offers:

APR Rates

Be very shrewd in selecting  accredit card based on APR rates, because there are companies that can trick you with a tempting low APR to begin with, but will hike the rates after a certain period of time. Don’t fall for a credit card simply because the introductory rates are low. You may not be able to repay the loan within the stipulated time (with low APR) and in case your loan extends beyond that period, you will have to pay up to 12 % extra (depending upon the offer).
Some companies may also trick you with different rates for loans and balance transfer. Check everything in detail before you sign on the dotted line.

Grace Period

It goes without saying that while you are comparing credit card offers; go with the one with the longest grace period. This is the duration of interest free time that is available to you before the bill is paid. Some cards can actually lure you with a low APR rates but may sneak in a 0 grace period, which means that you start accruing interest as soon as you purchase something using your credit card, until the bill is paid in full.

Overseas Transaction Fee

If you are accustomed to travelling overseas often, you need to check out f your credit card will be charging you a fee for any overseas transactions on the card. You will need to use your card if you want to shop around while on your international travel. In such cases, go with the card that charges the least overseas transactions fee

Closure Fees

Personally I think that it is highly unfair to charge a fee from a customer who wants to quit using your services. There are many cards that will charge up to $ 50 towards closure fees and you need to saty clear of such companies while comparing credit card offers.


I hope you will not simply read and forget this post, but will bookmark it for future reference while you are comparing credit card offers, so that you know what criteria to look out for.

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