Ways To Send A Text To A Phone

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By David

If you are trying to send some sort of text information to someone and all they have is a phone, it can be important to know how you can go about sending a text to a phone. Thankfully, there are a few different methods for doing this that are pretty easy, and just as convenient, depending on what type of information you are trying to send.

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Use your phone

The easiest and probably the most familiar method of sending a text to a phone is by using your own mobile phone. To do this, just access your texting application, select the “compose” button, pick your recipient, and enter your message. Using this method, you can also include picture, sound, and video files to help get your message across. It is important to note that with this method, normal texting rates will apply, so make sure you have got the extra domestic messages available before you commit to sending a message this way.

Use your email

Assuming of course that the intended recipient has an email account linked to their phone, another great method for sending a text to a phone is through your email account. Using email will allow you to send the message from either your phone or your computer, whichever is more convenient at the time, and it allows you to include files of any variety — though file size limits may apply. To do this, simply login to your email account either on your phone or your computer, select the intended recipient from your contacts or enter their address manually, enter a subject and your message, attach any files you wish to include, and send the message off. It should arrive within minutes and is an easy way to transfer files from your computer to your phone and vice versa.

Use an application

If you want to try a method for sending a text to a phone aside from those presented above, there are many types of applications that will allow you to send text messages to a phone from either another phone or from your computer. These applications come in two main types; VoIP and instant messenger. Using a VoIP application, you will be able to send a text message from your phone or your computer to someone else’s phone using their phone number, but from your computer. However, you may not be able to include files with the text message depending on the application you use. The other type of application is the instant messenger which will allow you to send a text message from a phone or computer to another phone through the application, though the recipient must also have the application in order for this method to work. The advantage of the Instant messenger is that it will allow picture, audio, and video files to be transferred through it as well.

Now that you are aware of the methods for sending a text to a phone, figuring out the best method for your particular situation should not be too difficult.

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