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By David

In these days of ever advancing technology, it seems like we use our cell phones for accessing data often times even more than we talk on them. This is especially the case for smartphones which are built almost exclusively to take advantage of all the new options available to consumers through their wireless data plans. If you are looking to start using these new features you will first want to know what kind of wireless data plans are available.

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Pay Per Plans

These are your most basic types of wireless data plans and they typically come with a basic cell phone plan by default. If you do not have a data plan or service attached to your monthly cell phone plan, than more than likely, you currently have a “pay per” plan. These types of plans simply require that you pay a predefined amount for each MB of data you use through the cellular network. These plans are great for those that almost never use data, as the cost for one or two MB of data over the course of a month is far less than that of a 500 MB plan. These plans are also helpful for those that do almost all their data streaming through a Wi-Fi connection, as this generally does not incur data charges and thus makes having a plan unnecessary. Still, if you use a great deal of data outside of a Wi-Fi area this is going to be a costly plan to have.

Limited Data Plans

Limited wireless data plans are those that cost a certain amount each month in exchange for the use of up to a predetermined number of MB each month. These plans are typically less expensive than a “pay per” plan if you use a fair amount of data outside of a Wi-Fi area. There are different levels to limited wireless data plans that will be predetermined by what your company wishes to offer. Often times, they will be available in increments of 500 MB, with each higher level costing just a little bit more. There is a limit to how high a limited data plan will go however. Once the price of the next level would be equal to or greater than the carrier’s unlimited plan, nothing is offered higher as it is just smart to go for the unlimited plan at that point.

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Unlimited Data Plans

Unlike the limited wireless data plans, an unlimited plan will not restrict the amount of data you use on your phone. These plans are great if your data use is simply through the roof and you use it all the time for most everything regardless of where you are. These plans are usually expensive, but worth it if you need the data, and they typically have a limit placed on speed. For the first several GB you will be able to get the fastest speeds, but the connection speed will be reduced after that.

Now that you know about data plans, you can decide which type is best for you.

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