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Business Long Distance Service

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By Rick

With any business long distance service can be a very expensive requirement that can dramatically impact your profits. Even though owning a business can provide a lot of freedom and reward for your hard work, you’ll need to keep your costs under control to be successful. With many businesses now dealing with suppliers and vendors in other countries, reliable business long distance service (and international service as well) is more critical than ever. Finding the right vendor for your business long distance service will not only ensure you can call your associates when you need to, you may also be able to save money on these calls as well.

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Reliability is critical

Even though there are a wide range of options available for low cost long distance calling, most business require a certain type of reliability with their phones. Solutions that are fine for calling a friend may not be right for a business long distance service because of their spotty quality. When your business depends on clear and reliable calls, you have to pick a vendor that offers both. Even though there may be a number of lower cost solutions, finding a business long distance service that can provide a reliable connection every time you need it is well worth the slightly higher cost. Most of the vendors that cater to the commercial long distance market have solutions that provide this level of reliability and are willing to offer you a contract that guarantees it.

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Business needs are unique

Unlike most residential customers that simply want a way to make long distance calls cheaply, a business has more specific calling needs that these services don’t provide. For example, a company may want their business long distance service to provide a toll free number for their suppliers to be able to call for free. This will allow these out of country suppliers to easily reach your business when they have a question or need to place an order. By eliminating the cost of the call for them you can increase your business by making it easier for them to contact you. You may also want your business long distance service to include an answering function or voicemail when your office is closed. Many times a simple message from a customer can lead to a large sale for you as long as you have a way for them to leave it.

It all comes down to service

Much of the technology that the companies providing business long distance service use is similar. The real difference between these vendors is in the way they cater to your specific business needs. Finding a company that actually listens to what you want and delivers a solution to fit is worth spending a little more for their service. You’ll also need feel secure that they’ll be there if you have service issues with the equipment to get you back to business quickly. Having a specific person handling your account is another nice benefit and can help you develop a better business relationship with your vendor of choice.  All of these critical elements help to make a business long distance service the perfect fit for most companies if you take the time to compare them between vendors.

Click here to compare business long distance plans. Some plans allow you to test and make free phone calls (first time), including calls to international destinations.

Cheap Insurance Rates: Easy Ways To Negotiate A Reduction

I don’t know about you, but I love bargains. There is an indescribable joy in getting the price reduced after exercising your negotiation skills. With insurance premiums shooting upwards each year, it is high time that we discussed tangible ways to negotiate a reduction.

Here are some easy ways to flex your negotiation muscles:

Safety goes a long way toward reducing your insurance premium

Let us suppose that you are looking to negotiate the premium rates for your home owners insurance. If you look at the situation from the insurance company’s point of view, you will easily understand that the more secure your home, car, business, or any other asset is, the less likely you will be to claim insurance for theft, accidents or fire. So, beat the insurance company at its own game by installing safety measures like fire alarms, burglar alarms, car safety devices, and other common sense safety measures. Highlight this point while discussing a reduction. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that this tactic works, more often than you know.

Consolidate your insurance policies

If you are like any of the other million citizens of this country, you probably have at least three insurance companies to manage your different insurance needs like car insurance, health insurance and home insurance.

Most of the popular insurance companies provide comprehensive insurance coverage and it is in your best interests to consider a consolidation. If you can choose just one insurance service provider and assign all the different types of your insurance needs to this one company, you will be in a better position to negotiate for discounted rates and qualify for great deals.

Choose a higher deductible

This helps in a large way, so choose a higher deductible on your insurance premium. But before you take this leap, make sure that you are prepared and can manage to pay the high deductible amount when the situation warrants it.

Act like an insurance expert and negotiate confidently

Most of us have settled down with our car insurance providers and are paying their premiums without even bothering to check out the loopholes that can help us negotiate a reduced rate. So, make a list of the features in your car that you think will qualify you for a reduced rate and then call your car insurance provider. You can then read out the list to the employee who answers the phone and confidently demand a discounted price.

In case you are still wondering about the loopholes, here is a short list for your reference:

  • Anti-lock brakes in your car
  • Low risk occupation
  • Defensive driving course
  • Higher deductible
  • Add your own …

Don’t forget to compare insurance rates

Comparing different insurance rates is the easiest way to negotiate cheap insurance rates. In case you don’t know where to start, you can visit our insurance comparison page as a starting point. In just a few minutes you can compare different insurance rates and save money.

Negotiating is a skill that some are born with, but the rest of us work hard to develop it. But when you find out about the amount of money that successful negotiators save, you will certainly find the motivation to train yourself. We hope these tips will help you negotiate cheap insurance rates. You deserve the savings!

Small Business Credit Application: Useful Facts And Tips

Having a business of your own is rewarding but there are times when you need an extra boost, especially with the funds. This is where business credit cards come into play. It is easy for large business owners to obtain and maintain such credit cards but the smaller ones often encounter difficulties especially during the application process. However, card issuers have now made small business credit applications easier to help start-ups secure routine working capital and a potent transactional tool. This truly is tempting but before you take any action regarding this, be aware of the following ways a business credit card differs from your personal card.

Issuing companies reserve the right to increase rates

Small business credit cards are very different from personal credit cards especially in terms of governing rules for cardholder protection. So before you venture into a small business credit application, you must understand that the laws applicable to your personal credit do not apply to your business credit card. For instance, the 2009 Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act may not apply to your business credit card in certain instances. The issuing company may increase rates should it choose to do so, subject, however, to other regulations.

On the bright side, most card issuers have adopted the protections provided by such law so if you want the same rules that apply to your credit card, choose your business credit card company wisely.

Exclusive rewards and benefits

Like your personal credit card, business credit cards have key benefits as well. Some are similar to those offered to individuals but others are exclusively for companies. Such business benefits include baggage insurance when travelling, expense tracking, and access to airline and hotel clubs and exclusive lounges. So if you find a reward type particularly useful for your business and your employees, then make sure to opt-in for it while completing your small business credit application.

Distinct credit requirement

Card issuers usually issue business cards directly to the owners. As such, the business owner should meet the established credit requirements so the company may qualify for a business credit card. As far as the small business credit card application is concerned, either the owner or a senior-level officer offers a personal guarantee. Aside from that, any negative credit behaviour incurred using the business credit card reflects on both the owner’s personal credit and the company’s credit. So when in the process of a small business credit application, ensure that business credit accounts will remain in good standing. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing both your personal and business credit.

Small business credit cards are great for establishing business credit, earning different kinds of rewards, and boosting business finances. However, you should always be cautious about your spending habits so you do not damage your personal financial status. Remember, that the purpose of your small business credit application is to help you grow financially, not to encourage improper spending habits.

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