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How Switching to a VoIP Phone Could Save you Money

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By Dr. Kavita

This post is for you if you are spending hundreds of dollars each month on your cell phone and regular phone. Each month you have various needs like making calls to your local contacts, connecting with your international contacts and sending messages to both local and international contacts, making video calls and so on.

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What is your option then?

When you depend upon your cell phone provider for all these facilities, you are charged through the roof and the bills that you get each month often dissuades you from maintaining any contacts at all. But you could change all that and more by doing a simple thing. Changing or switching to a VOIP phone could prove beneficial for you in so many different ways. And the greatest part is that you would be saving a lot of money and getting so many different features enabled at a fraction of the price that your cell phone plan provider would charge you.

Your phone calls get cheaper

You can make both local and international calls at a fraction of the price that your regular phone and cell phone providers charge you. The best part about making calls via VOIP phone is that you can enable video calls too at no additional charge. Even better is the fact that you can make calls to any kind of phone, i.e. a regular phone, a cell phone, a computer or a VOIP phone. The choice is entirely yours and the charge variations are too minimal to bother you.

No hassles about bill payments

The VOIP phone service can be availed of via simple monthly payments and there is absolutely no hassle of keeping track of your calls and usage. Your account will reveal in clear detail about the numbers to which calls were placed and also the durations and the amounts deducted for each activity. Keeping track of your usage and understanding your call charges becomes very easy.

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Handle loads of calls with ease

Business owners are increasingly opting to switch over to VOIP phones because it makes great economical sense to them. There is a high volume of calls to be made each day for businesses to complete their day to day transactions and it is not uncommon to see hundreds of calls being made by small and moderate sized businesses per day.

If these calls are made using the regular phone or the cell phones, then the budget for phone calls will accumulate to a huge amount. There are many business owners who are struggling to maintain these costs without creating a dent in their profits. A VOIP phone makes it easy and reduces the costs by a considerable amount leading to more savings and more profits for the business owners.

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How To Get Free Unlimited Calling

By David

If you have been shopping around for a great new phone plan that includes free unlimited calling, you have probably run into a bit of a road block. While unlimited calling plans do exist, they are rarely ever free. However, using a few tricks, there are three different options for you to pursue in an attempt to get free unlimited calling.

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Provider)

When you are trying to find a way to get free unlimited calling on your cell phone, VoIP programs are on the frontline of your available options. These handy apps can be downloaded onto your phone and used to call anyone who also has the program on their phone. These programs will use a Wi-Fi connection or your data plan to make the calls rather than using your precious cell phone minutes. This option does have a couple of downsides worth noting. Though the programs themselves are typically free, data usage is not, unless you are in a Wi-Fi area. As such, you will still need to have a really good data plan, but you can skimp on everything else as these programs will allow you to call or text anyone else with the program completely free of charge.

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Wi-Fi Calling

While not all carriers have picked up this feature yet, another way you could get free unlimited calling is by using your carrier’s Wi-Fi calling option. The premise for this is simple; if your phone is connected to a wireless network that has internet access, you can use that connection to place your call rather than the wireless network. Since you are not using the network’s equipment when you make calls over your own connection, most carriers will not charge you minutes for making those calls. This strategy has a couple downsides as well. First of all, some carriers won’t offer this feature up-front, but will actually hide it in the services section as something you can add to your plan for free. In this way they can get a little extra money from those that do not care to look for the deals that are available. Secondly, this strategy will only work inside a Wi-Fi area. Any calls placed outside the Wi-Fi area will use plan minutes as normal.

Free Calling Apps

The final strategy for obtaining free unlimited calling is through the use of free calling apps on your phone. These apps will place calls through your data connection, using either a Wi-Fi signal or your 3G or 4G connection instead of using plan minutes. These apps allow you to make calls and place texts to any number, not just those using the same program on their phones. This is a great option to go with if you have a great data plan or spend most of your time in a Wi-Fi area. Keep in mind, however, that these programs place a heavy burden on your data plans and could hasten data throttling.

Now you know where to start in your quest for free unlimited calling.

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Worldwide Calling Plans At Incredibly Low Rates

By Rick

If you make a lot of long distance calls, you’ll need to compare the various worldwide calling plans to find the best rates. This can be a little confusing as many of these plans are very specific to the company offering them and some of them have hidden costs that may not be apparent when you scan their descriptions. Even though spending time comparing these worldwide calling plans can be tedious, it can save you hundreds of dollars a year on the cost of your long distance calls if you choose the right one.

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Home Phone Options

Traditional landline providers were somewhat slow to adopt many of the new technologies that lower the cost of a long distance phone call. In many cases they had been providing phone service to a customer for decades and were not willing to modify these rates as technology improved. With the expansion of high-speed internet connections to many homes, the competition for how phone calls were made increased and forced many of these carries to introduce discounted worldwide calling plans for their existing customers. These plans typically provide for a monthly uplift to your basic phone service and allow you to make a certain number of minutes of calls every month. Some of the carriers charge a smaller monthly fee and then a reduced rate for each minute of talk time as part of their worldwide calling plans. One other option that many carriers offer allow you to target a specific region or country for your long distance calls and provide a reduced rate for all calls going to that area. This can be a big help in lowering your monthly phone bill if you only have family or friends in a specific part of the world that you call regularly.

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Calling Long Distance on Your Mobile

Mobile phone carriers were much quicker to offer these worldwide calling plans and today provide some of the best rates available for these calls. All of the major carriers offer packages for an existing contract that allows you to make these long distance calls at a discount. Some of the worldwide calling plans provide a fixed number of minutes for the monthly fee and others simply reduce the cost per minute for these calls. Some plans even have specific plans for selected regions that lower the cost of calls to that area like the landline offerings. Check with your cell phone provider to see what options they provide for their worldwide calling plans to help you reduce your monthly bills.

Flexible Programs That Are Portable

If you don’t find any of the worldwide calling plans being offered by the traditional carries or your cell phone provider to your liking, there are other ways of reducing the cost of these calls. Calling cards are a great way to find some of the lowest calling rates for long distance connections and can be used virtually anywhere you can find a dial tone. These Calling cards offer calling plans that include a set number of minutes with each card that are deducted from your balance when you use the card. Even though these cards can be used to call from anywhere, to anywhere, some of them provide the best rates when calling a specific country. If you have relatives in Ireland, finding a calling card that allows you to call that country will give you much lower rates than one you can use to call other parts of Europe. Comparing these calling card rates is the best way of find a plan that is perfect for you.

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Best Long Distance Rates

By Rick

Searching for the best long distance rates for calling family and friends can take a bit of work. You need to not only compare similar calling plans but also consider other ways of reducing the cost of your calls through the use of applications on the web or calling cards. While lowering the cost of these calls is possible, you may have to employ several different techniques to get the very best long distance rates available.

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Calling Cards Are a Great Option

Calling cards are the easiest and most convenient option for most people trying to find the best long distance rates. These cards can be purchased almost anywhere and provide some of the lowest possible calling rates being offered today. You typically buy a calling card with a certain number of minutes available that can be used for all the long distance calls you make. You simply dial the number on the card, enter the card’s pin number as well as the number you want to call. The call is connected and the minutes you talk are deducted from your balance of minutes on the card. The beauty of using a calling card is that you can use it anywhere you like, on any phone, to call any number. This flexibility appeals to people looking for the best long distance rates they can find but want to make these calls from different phones.

Check with Your Current Provider

Another option that offers the best long distance rates for many people is expanding the contract they have with their current provider. Most phone companies are happy to offer a package for long distance calling that can be added to your current monthly bill. These rates are typically discounted and allow you to make a certain number of minutes of calls every month for a flat rate. Even the plans that charge you by the minute can still provide a lower cost for these calls as long as you add the option to an existing account. For the absolute best long distance rates with these carriers, you may have to commit to a minimum number of minutes each month. This is an easy step to take for people calling friends on a regular basis.

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Internet Applications Can Save You Money

The maturity of the internet has also provided a way to find some of the best long distance calling prices available. There are a number of ways of using the web to make these calls and all of them are typically less expensive than using a traditional phone. The easiest way to take advantage of the internet to help lower your rates is by talking to your internet provider. Many of these companies offer calling rates that are far lower than a traditional phone. These plans may also include a set number of long distance minutes each month as part of the plan. If you aren’t happy with the rates they charge, you can also use one of the many applications like Skype or Google Voice to make these calls. These services provide some of the best long distance rates of any solution and can help you substantially lower the cost of your long distance calls each month.

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International Dialing Tips That Really Work

By Rick

Calling a friend or relative in another country can be a complicated process for most people. Unlike calling within your local region, international dialing requires a series of numbers to be dialed before the number you are calling to make the connection. Knowing what digits to use is important in making sure you avoid an expensive wrong number. This international dialing becomes much easier with time and will become second nature for most people the more they do it.

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Dialing Your Country’s Exit Codes

Because every phone exchange is slightly different between countries, you’ll need to make a country-specific connection when starting your call. This is known as an exit code and is unique to the country where you are starting your call. These codes are also referred to as international direct dialing codes (IDD). Before any international dialing, you’ll need to know this exit code and dial this first when making your call. The good news is that this exit code is the same for wherever you are in the country but may vary based on the carrier you are using. Be sure to check this before making your call. All international dialing uses these codes and there are plenty of websites that list them.

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Knowing the Country Codes for the Region You’re Calling

In addition to the exit codes for your country, you’ll need to also know the country code for the region you’re calling to complete any international dialing. These country codes are different for every country and are a single code for each. When dialing another country, these country codes are dialed right after the exit codes and before the phone number you are trying to reach. To make international dialing easier, list the exit code on a piece of paper and list the country code below it and then the number you are calling below that. When written together it can be confusing when trying to dial a long string of digits.

Special International Dialing Cases

In many ways calling a landline phone is much easier than calling a cell phone. Because a landline phone is always located in a particular country, region and city you can look up the required codes for international dialing and make your call. Since a cell phone is mobile, its exact location will be different every time you call it. It is also on a different network than the landline phones and requires a different dialing sequence. In most cases you will have to know the carrier code for the network the phone is on to complete your call. This is an easy thing to find but does take a little more work. What makes this even more confusing is that this cellular carrier code is not something that every country requires. Some regions route these calls through the same international networks and allow you to dial them just like a standard landline call. To make this easier, many websites provide applications to help you figure out the correct dialing sequence required to complete these calls. You can simply enter the country you’re calling from, the country you want to reach and the application will give you the correct series of digits required to make your call.

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Who Is My Long Distance Carrier

By Rick

Long distance calling can be an expensive luxury for many people that can get even more expensive if you choose the wrong carrier to handle the calls. With the fierce competition for these long distance dollars a few years back, some of the less honorable companies would switch your long distance calls to another carrier without you even knowing. In many cases a consumer may be left asking the question “who is my long distance carrier?”. There are a few ways to uncover this and knowing who is handling your expensive long distance calls is the first step in reducing your monthly phone bills. Answering the question “who is my long distance carrier?” takes a little work that is well worth the effort.

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Where to Start

There are a number of websites available that can help you discover who is my long distance carrier and detail the process for you. In essence you can call one of two numbers to verify your current carrier is, and then make adjustments if needed. You can find the numbers through FCC. Both of these numbers are free to call and will provide the current carriers associated with the number you are calling from. In many cases you will discover that your carrier has been changed to a company you don’t recognize and this may have been the result of you accepting an offer over the phone. In most cases the offer you agreed to had nothing to do with your phone service but gave the company calling you permission to change your provider. In the business this is known as “slamming” and was so widespread that the FCC setup the two phone numbers listed to help combat the practice. Once you answer the question “who is my long distance carrier?” you can quickly make changes to your service.

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How Did This Happen?

If you have ever had to answer the question “who is my long distance carrier?” it’s probably because your service was changed without your knowledge. Long distance calling is so lucrative that many smaller companies jumped into the market when it was deregulated a number of years ago. This gave them the chance to charge for your long distance calls by routing them through their networks using your existing phone lines. By taking control of routing your calls they could charge you whatever they wanted for making this connection. These rates were usually several times higher than your old carrier and raised your monthly bill substantially. This type of slamming became so common that it left many consumers asking “who is my long distance carrier and how did this happen?”

How to Change Your Carrier

If asking the question “who is my long distance carrier?” resulted in a surprising answer, there are a few ways of changing back to your original carrier. The Federal Communications Commission takes the practice of slamming very seriously and can help you sort out your situation. Their website has detailed instruction on how to prevent this from happening as well as fixing it once it has. You can basically call up the new company and tell them to switch you back and won’t be responsible for any charges incurred. You can also place a freeze on your service to avoid having to ask the question “who is my long distance carrier?” ever again.

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Long Distance Rate: Reduce It, Slash It

By Rick

There are a few things you can do to lower your long distance rate and save money every month on your phone bills. Searching for a lower rate can take a little work but will pay off every month in the savings you’ll enjoy while staying in touch with distant family and friends. Even though these discounted plans have been available for some time, many people don’t understand how their long distance is billed and have stayed with their original carrier as a result. Making a few simple changes can have a huge impact on your current long distance rate and will enable you to talk longer, for far less than ever before.

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Ask Your Current Carrier

Even though your phone company will do its best to provide a great service for your home, they are still a business. It’s not in their interest to contact you about lowering your long distance rate and if you leave things alone you’ll probably pay the highest cost possible for these calls. All of the major carriers have discount plans available to help lower your long distance rate and all you need to do to take advantage of them is ask. One simple phone call to your current carrier might have you saving money today on these long distance calls and the changes don’t even require a technician to visit your home. The discounted packages these traditional carriers offer are much lower than the standard rates and have the advantage of being easy to use.

Shop Around For a New Carrier

If you want an even lower long distance rate than your current carrier can typically provide, shop around with one of the other carriers offering this service. Since deregulation was implemented, these independent long distance carriers can offer you rock bottom pricing for your international calls and even use the same wiring in your home today. You won’t have to do anything to take advantage of this lower long distance rate except make the call. Most of these carriers will switch your service for free and may even be able to combine their billing with the monthly bill you receive from your local carrier every month.

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Use a Dialing Code for Even Steeper Discounts

Another option that many people prefer is using one of the discounted long distance companies that provide dialing codes. These companies don’t impact your current service and simply provide a string of digits for you to dial before you enter the number you want to call. These digits tell the local phone carrier to route the call through this vendor’s network where they provide a discounted long distance rate. This is commonly called a dial-around service because it utilizes your existing equipment to route the call through another vendor’s network. Most of these plans charge a flat monthly fee for the service and allow you to call as often as you like. This is a great way to lower your long distance rate and is flexible as well. These services can be used from any phone you like and will provide same great quality of call as your current phone. There are a wide range of companies that offer this type of dial-around service so be sure to compare them carefully before selecting a vendor since their plans can be quite different.

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Phone Service

By Rick

The concept of phone service has been changing in recent years with the explosive growth of cell phones. Not only has cell phone service expanded to a wider coverage area, these phones have gotten smarter and more functional every year. Some of the newer phones are actually blurring the line between traditional phone service and laptop computers for many people. Things like email, web browsing, calendars and chatting have all moved to these mobile devices. In some countries, younger people growing up during this Smartphone revolution will never have a need for another device and will be able to do all their daily tasks on their mobile device.

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Expansion of Coverage

The first major improvement that helped cell phone service to expand was the larger coverage areas for these phones. The upgrading of these coverage areas was a slow process as many of the carriers not only had to erect towers for the systems to utilize, they were also upgrading the underlying technology to provide faster speeds for the data connections they offered. The overall effect was that basic cell phone service was available in many more areas than ever before and connecting to the internet from these phones was quicker as well. This faster internet connection allowed the phones to do much more than simply browse the web or send a message. It enabled the growth of applications that could turn these phones into everything from GPS devices to streaming media players.

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Improving the Reliability of the Service

Another major upgrade for cell phone service came in the way the connections were handled between cell towers. Older systems had a difficult time handing off a call when a user left a coverage area and this resulted in a large number of dropped calls. This made these early cell phones unreliable and prevented them from being taken seriously by businesses. As the coverage areas improved, so did the way the various cell towers interacted with each other to ensure a smoother handoff. This transition between towers now takes place flawlessly and allows a call to stay connected for as long and as far as you travel. The roaming agreements between various carriers have also improved to allow you to use your phone service out of your home coverage area with less hassle. All of this helps to make these modern cell phones easier to use for the average consumer.

Extending the Functionality

As the coverage area for cell phone service expanded and became more reliable, the phones also became much smarter. They started interacting with the web through their data connection to provide very useful information on your location, stock prices, weather and wide range of other data that made life easier. Eventually applications started to appear for these Smartphones that turned them into very specific devices when used. You could find an application for almost anything you needed to do and these helped to expand the basic cell phone’s use well beyond simply making calls. Modern Smartphones can provide directions, wake you in the morning, remind you of an important appointment and even buy your movie tickets for you on the way to the theater. These applications have helped to expand the usefulness of these cell phones and transform them into a critical device that is always within reach for most people.

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Save On Long Distance

By Rick

If you make a lot of expensive international calls, you can use your cell phone to help you save on long distance charges. There are a number of companies that offer calling plans you can use with your cell to lower the cost of these long distance calls. These applications are easy to use, integrate with your address book and can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your calling costs. Many of the applications are free or very low cost and all of them are worth the investment to help you save on long distance calls.

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VoIP Applications

VoIP technology has been maturing in recent years to the point that it now provides a very good call quality when compared to other cell phone calls. Older versions of VoIP could sometimes sound tinny and have a slight echo but these new applications enhance the call quality and do a better job of buffering the calls to eliminate gaps in the conversation. Any of the wide range of VoIP applications available for your Smartphone can save on long distance charges and offer a variety of cost models. Most of the VoIP applications require you to sign up for an account and typically limit their use to outgoing calls only for free. While this is great for making occasional calls to family and friends, it’s nice to have an incoming number as well so they can call you back when needed. With many of these applications, this incoming call will cost you money but can still help you save on long distance since it’s much cheaper than a standard call.

Reduced Rate Apps

Some of the Smartphone applications are tied to a rate plan, similar to calling cards. Even though you won’t receive a physical card, you’ll still need to pay for a certain amount of minutes to initially fund your account, which can then be used for your long distance calls. While this is not a completely free service, it can still save on long distance charges by reducing your cost per minute. When comparing these reduced rate applications, be sure to clearly understand what features the application provides. Some of them allow you to dial direct and others initiate the call and forced the remote number to call you back to save money. While this can be inexpensive for you, there may be a charge for the person you are calling to make this connection. These types of plans can help you save on long distance calls and are very easy to use.

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Sponsored Call Options

A recent phenomenon that can help you save on long distance calling charges is the sponsored call. This type of application is tied to a larger company trying to promote their products through the use of the application. They are willing to provide free long distance calling in exchange for your listening to an advertisement for their products. To use this type of application you typically start the app and enter the number you want to call, which is connected once you listen to a short product pitch. While this may seem like a lot of work, it can really help you save on long distance calls by connecting you for free in exchange for a short bit of your attention.

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Telephone Carrier

By Rick

A telephone carrier is the company responsible for making the connection, both locally and internationally, between phones to complete your call. In the early days of telephones this was one company who owned all the equipment used in the call. Over the years this company grew to be a monopoly that was eventually broken up into smaller companies through deregulation. This landmark move created a very vibrant market for phone service, which gave the average consumer the ability to choose their telephone carrier and not have the limited choices of the past.

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In The Beginning

Since the first phones were introduced at the turn of the century, all calls were completed and controlled by a single telephone carrier in the United States. While this did ensure a consistent quality and reliability for the calls, it artificially raised the price of these calls as well. This all changed in 1969 when AT&T was forced to release its monopolistic grip on the industry and break apart the company into a single long distance supplier, AT&T and several regional companies for local service. This not only changed the way that phone calls were priced, it allowed consumers to purchase their own equipment to use on these networks. The FCC called this common carriage and it was a major change at the time that had never been done before. It quickly paved the way for other companies to enter this emerging market and bring with them a spirit of innovation. Even though most homes were still limited to a single telephone carrier, that was all about to change.

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Competition Heats Up

Once deregulation started in the telephone industry, other companies entered the market competing to be the chosen telephone carrier for consumers. The breakup of the original AT&T required that the company allow competitors to use the wiring to these homes and simply charge them a small fee for the privilege. This allowed these other companies to build a business with very little capital outlay since they were using the existing infrastructure to deliver their service. Initial these other companies offer consumers services that were very much like their original telephone carrier but at a lower cost per month. Innovation soon gave way to an expanding array of upgrade services over time that included speed-dialing, voicemail, three-way calling and other features never seen before.

The Modern Landscape

While most of these early companies concentrated on providing local calling rates for consumers, it wasn’t until slightly later that they also focused on long distance services as well. Modern services in the long distance space now allow these international calls to be made for far lower than ever before. In some cases the telephone carrier is still using the local landlines to complete part of the call and with others they are passing their traffic over the web. Regardless of how the calls are being completed, consumers have benefitted by being able to make these long distance calls cheaper and more reliably. This allows them to focus on cost and gives them the flexibility to change to a new telephone carrier if they are unhappy with the pricing and service of their current company.

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