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How To Save On Car Repairs: Auto Repair Costs Can Be Controlled

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By John

Your car is always going to break down or be involved in an accident at the most inconvenient moment — on your way to catch a flight, or on vacation with your family far from home, in the middle of a torrential rainstorm, in the middle of nowhere, and probably in the middle of the night.

Getting it fixed is going to be a hassle as well as a blow to your wallet as not only is it not included in your budget, but emergency repairs always cost more than ‘normal’ ones and there are all the other incidental costs to bear as well — alternative transport, maybe re-scheduling your flight, perhaps an extra night in a hotel.

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You can never guarantee that your car won’t break down but you can reduce the likelihood and save a considerable amount of money if it does happen, at the same time reducing the overall costs of your car ownership.

The best ways to save money on car repairs consist of actions you should take before a breakdown occurs – and that means now – and those you can take after a breakdown or accident.

How To Save On Car Repairs: Auto Repair Costs Can Be Controlled

What you can do now

  1. Moderate your driving habits to avoid putting undue stress on your car’s components. This includes not overloading it, avoiding violent braking, acceleration and cornering maneuvers, and over-revving the engine. You should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on things like tire pressures, battery care, load limits and driving tips.
  2. Practice preventive maintenance by keeping your car clean (the working bits, that is, not so much the bodywork), and having it regularly serviced.
  3. Join a motoring association such as the AAA. They can help you to save money if you need to have your car repaired, and offer innumerable other benefits as well, such as discounted hotel prices, insurance and more.
  4. Find an auto supply store that also carries out checks on basic components such as tires, battery, alternator, starter. Such stores are often cheaper than a garage. Some will carry out simple repairs or offer you the equipment to do them yourself.
  5. Find a garage or mechanic you trust. Shop around, get referrals from your friends.
  6. Learn more about your car by reading the manual and helpful websites. You should pick up some useful advice that enables you to save money by doing simple maintenance work yourself instead of having the garage do it. You could consider buying your own code reader for about $100 which will diagnose your car’s health and enable you to identify any problems that need to be fixed. This will save the garage time, and save you money.

How To Save On Car Repairs: Auto Repair Costs Can Be Controlled

What you can do after the breakdown or accident

  1. Research the likely costs of having your car repaired; several websites give comprehensive guidance. There is even a smartphone app with this function. The knowledge will help when you discuss the repair with your garage and enable you to spot any attempt to overcharge or carry out unnecessary work.
  2. Shop around until you find a garage or repair shop that will do the work at the recommended rate.
  3. Buy your own spare parts. Search the web for spare parts stores and buy the parts yourself. This will save money as you are in effect cutting out the middleman (the garage).

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Cheap Insurance Rates: Easy Ways To Negotiate A Reduction

I don’t know about you, but I love bargains. There is an indescribable joy in getting the price reduced after exercising your negotiation skills. With insurance premiums shooting upwards each year, it is high time that we discussed tangible ways to negotiate a reduction.

Here are some easy ways to flex your negotiation muscles:

Safety goes a long way toward reducing your insurance premium

Let us suppose that you are looking to negotiate the premium rates for your home owners insurance. If you look at the situation from the insurance company’s point of view, you will easily understand that the more secure your home, car, business, or any other asset is, the less likely you will be to claim insurance for theft, accidents or fire. So, beat the insurance company at its own game by installing safety measures like fire alarms, burglar alarms, car safety devices, and other common sense safety measures. Highlight this point while discussing a reduction. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that this tactic works, more often than you know.

Consolidate your insurance policies

If you are like any of the other million citizens of this country, you probably have at least three insurance companies to manage your different insurance needs like car insurance, health insurance and home insurance.

Most of the popular insurance companies provide comprehensive insurance coverage and it is in your best interests to consider a consolidation. If you can choose just one insurance service provider and assign all the different types of your insurance needs to this one company, you will be in a better position to negotiate for discounted rates and qualify for great deals.

Choose a higher deductible

This helps in a large way, so choose a higher deductible on your insurance premium. But before you take this leap, make sure that you are prepared and can manage to pay the high deductible amount when the situation warrants it.

Act like an insurance expert and negotiate confidently

Most of us have settled down with our car insurance providers and are paying their premiums without even bothering to check out the loopholes that can help us negotiate a reduced rate. So, make a list of the features in your car that you think will qualify you for a reduced rate and then call your car insurance provider. You can then read out the list to the employee who answers the phone and confidently demand a discounted price.

In case you are still wondering about the loopholes, here is a short list for your reference:

  • Anti-lock brakes in your car
  • Low risk occupation
  • Defensive driving course
  • Higher deductible
  • Add your own …

Don’t forget to compare insurance rates

Comparing different insurance rates is the easiest way to negotiate cheap insurance rates. In case you don’t know where to start, you can visit our insurance comparison page as a starting point. In just a few minutes you can compare different insurance rates and save money.

Negotiating is a skill that some are born with, but the rest of us work hard to develop it. But when you find out about the amount of money that successful negotiators save, you will certainly find the motivation to train yourself. We hope these tips will help you negotiate cheap insurance rates. You deserve the savings!

Factors Impacting Your Car Insurance Rate

You know, car insurance can be a tricky thing. Yeah I said tricky, but if you were me, you would be using the term ‘weird’ to describe how car insurance rates are worked out. Well, you tell me a better word than weird, when you realize how seemingly unrelated stuff like where you live may actually influence the amount of money you need to shell out towards car insurance premium each month. See, I warned you!

What is your address?

If you live in a city that has more cars then you pay more premium rates. Well, the logic applied is that more the cars per square mile more are the chances of accidents. If you don’t like it, go live in some rural area.

Okay let us talk about some more, weirder things that can influence your car insurance rates.

How Much Does Your Doctor Charge You?

A lot depends upon how much your doctor charges you to treat for injuries received as a consequence of a vehicular accident. Often a blanket term like ‘soft tissue injuries’ is used to describe the group of injuries, that are commonly inflicted in a vehicular accident

Treating these injuries can be expensive and often extend over longer periods of time. Moreover, the results of the treatment are also not quite comparable. Some patients recover better and sooner from these injuries, while others can really drag on for long periods. All these put a strain on the insurance company and they obviously do not want to be left high and dry paying for such claims.

So bottom line is that more expensive your medical care, more expensive will be your car insurance premium.

How much does the lawyer charge?

Okay, the relation between medical costs and insurance premium now seems to somehow fall into place, but what’s a lawyer’s fees got to do with your insurance rates. Isn’t it what you are thinking? Well, each time someone who is at the receiving end of a vehicular accident that you made, files a lawsuit claiming for compensation, it’s your insurance company that has to dole out dollars / pounds as the case may be.

Besides, the numbers of lawsuits being filed in vehicular accidents are steadily on the rise. So, it’s but natural for your insurance company to save their back and foresee these costs. Guess who has to pay more towards premium then?

How many fraudsters are doing successful business?

Whoa, whoa! Now fraudsters have got a say in your car insurance rates too? Well, someone has to pay for the huge amounts of money that fraud insurance claims are draining out of the insurance company’s accounts. Who else fits the bill, better than you? More the number of fraud claims, more expensive will be your premium.

How cutting-edge is your car?

If you are the kind of person who melts like butter on seeing the latest models of cars with latest technological and design advancements, then you better be prepared to pay more for your insurance premium as well. You know, car mechanics don’t come cheap and more advanced the car parts, more expensive they are to replace in case of repair / damage.

Moral of the Story: If you wanna lower your car insurance rates, go live in some rural dump where the doctor charges quite less and the lawyers don’t suck your blood for fees and drive a not-so-latest model car.

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Car Insurance Secrets: How To Save In Three Easy Steps

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate it when I have to pay hefty car insurance premiums. No wonder that I am always on the lookout for ways to cut back on my premiums. After much of search and research, I have found 3 easy steps to save money and get cheaper car insurance. Read on to know more about them.

Compare and contrast

Well, this is actually plain common sense. Everyone knows that the best way to get better deals is by comparing the options and selecting the best fit out of them. You can do that with your car insurance deals as well.

You’ll find a number of websites online that are dedicated to the sole purpose of comparing and reviewing the various deals available in the market. Checking these sites out is a good way to keep updated about the new deals that enter the market and also for excellent discount offers that are typically available for short periods of time.

Say yes to higher deductibles

You might already know that when you put in a claim you are supposed to pay a certain amount of money before your insurance can come in to save the day for you. Well, the trick lies in agreeing to pay a higher amount of money in case of claims as deductibles. Doing this will reduce your premiums considerably.

For instance, if you agree to pay 200 % more on deductibles in collision and comprehensive coverage (when compared to the amount you are now paying), your premiums can reduce anywhere between 15 and 30 %. If you agree to pay 400 % more on deductibles, you can save up to 40 % in premiums. That’s a whopping amount of savings, don’t you think so?

But a word of caution is necessary here. Make sure you can arrange for the deductible amount when you actually put in the claim.

Try buying from one insurer

You might be already having home insurance and probably you have a different company dealing with that and a different one handling your car insurance. Try buying both types of insurance from the same company. It is quite common for insurance companies to favor customers who buy more than one product from them and they usually reciprocate by extending discounts on premiums or by offering great deals.

It is actually much easier than you think to save money on car insurance. The only catch is that you have to make some effort and great deals will not miraculously come and land in your lap.