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Worldwide Calling Plans At Incredibly Low Rates

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By Rick

If you make a lot of long distance calls, you’ll need to compare the various worldwide calling plans to find the best rates. This can be a little confusing as many of these plans are very specific to the company offering them and some of them have hidden costs that may not be apparent when you scan their descriptions. Even though spending time comparing these worldwide calling plans can be tedious, it can save you hundreds of dollars a year on the cost of your long distance calls if you choose the right one.

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Home Phone Options

Traditional landline providers were somewhat slow to adopt many of the new technologies that lower the cost of a long distance phone call. In many cases they had been providing phone service to a customer for decades and were not willing to modify these rates as technology improved. With the expansion of high-speed internet connections to many homes, the competition for how phone calls were made increased and forced many of these carries to introduce discounted worldwide calling plans for their existing customers. These plans typically provide for a monthly uplift to your basic phone service and allow you to make a certain number of minutes of calls every month. Some of the carriers charge a smaller monthly fee and then a reduced rate for each minute of talk time as part of their worldwide calling plans. One other option that many carriers offer allow you to target a specific region or country for your long distance calls and provide a reduced rate for all calls going to that area. This can be a big help in lowering your monthly phone bill if you only have family or friends in a specific part of the world that you call regularly.

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Calling Long Distance on Your Mobile

Mobile phone carriers were much quicker to offer these worldwide calling plans and today provide some of the best rates available for these calls. All of the major carriers offer packages for an existing contract that allows you to make these long distance calls at a discount. Some of the worldwide calling plans provide a fixed number of minutes for the monthly fee and others simply reduce the cost per minute for these calls. Some plans even have specific plans for selected regions that lower the cost of calls to that area like the landline offerings. Check with your cell phone provider to see what options they provide for their worldwide calling plans to help you reduce your monthly bills.

Flexible Programs That Are Portable

If you don’t find any of the worldwide calling plans being offered by the traditional carries or your cell phone provider to your liking, there are other ways of reducing the cost of these calls. Calling cards are a great way to find some of the lowest calling rates for long distance connections and can be used virtually anywhere you can find a dial tone. These Calling cards offer calling plans that include a set number of minutes with each card that are deducted from your balance when you use the card. Even though these cards can be used to call from anywhere, to anywhere, some of them provide the best rates when calling a specific country. If you have relatives in Ireland, finding a calling card that allows you to call that country will give you much lower rates than one you can use to call other parts of Europe. Comparing these calling card rates is the best way of find a plan that is perfect for you.

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Best Long Distance Rates

By Rick

Searching for the best long distance rates for calling family and friends can take a bit of work. You need to not only compare similar calling plans but also consider other ways of reducing the cost of your calls through the use of applications on the web or calling cards. While lowering the cost of these calls is possible, you may have to employ several different techniques to get the very best long distance rates available.

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Calling Cards Are a Great Option

Calling cards are the easiest and most convenient option for most people trying to find the best long distance rates. These cards can be purchased almost anywhere and provide some of the lowest possible calling rates being offered today. You typically buy a calling card with a certain number of minutes available that can be used for all the long distance calls you make. You simply dial the number on the card, enter the card’s pin number as well as the number you want to call. The call is connected and the minutes you talk are deducted from your balance of minutes on the card. The beauty of using a calling card is that you can use it anywhere you like, on any phone, to call any number. This flexibility appeals to people looking for the best long distance rates they can find but want to make these calls from different phones.

Check with Your Current Provider

Another option that offers the best long distance rates for many people is expanding the contract they have with their current provider. Most phone companies are happy to offer a package for long distance calling that can be added to your current monthly bill. These rates are typically discounted and allow you to make a certain number of minutes of calls every month for a flat rate. Even the plans that charge you by the minute can still provide a lower cost for these calls as long as you add the option to an existing account. For the absolute best long distance rates with these carriers, you may have to commit to a minimum number of minutes each month. This is an easy step to take for people calling friends on a regular basis.

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Internet Applications Can Save You Money

The maturity of the internet has also provided a way to find some of the best long distance calling prices available. There are a number of ways of using the web to make these calls and all of them are typically less expensive than using a traditional phone. The easiest way to take advantage of the internet to help lower your rates is by talking to your internet provider. Many of these companies offer calling rates that are far lower than a traditional phone. These plans may also include a set number of long distance minutes each month as part of the plan. If you aren’t happy with the rates they charge, you can also use one of the many applications like Skype or Google Voice to make these calls. These services provide some of the best long distance rates of any solution and can help you substantially lower the cost of your long distance calls each month.

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International Dialing Tips That Really Work

By Rick

Calling a friend or relative in another country can be a complicated process for most people. Unlike calling within your local region, international dialing requires a series of numbers to be dialed before the number you are calling to make the connection. Knowing what digits to use is important in making sure you avoid an expensive wrong number. This international dialing becomes much easier with time and will become second nature for most people the more they do it.

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Dialing Your Country’s Exit Codes

Because every phone exchange is slightly different between countries, you’ll need to make a country-specific connection when starting your call. This is known as an exit code and is unique to the country where you are starting your call. These codes are also referred to as international direct dialing codes (IDD). Before any international dialing, you’ll need to know this exit code and dial this first when making your call. The good news is that this exit code is the same for wherever you are in the country but may vary based on the carrier you are using. Be sure to check this before making your call. All international dialing uses these codes and there are plenty of websites that list them.

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Knowing the Country Codes for the Region You’re Calling

In addition to the exit codes for your country, you’ll need to also know the country code for the region you’re calling to complete any international dialing. These country codes are different for every country and are a single code for each. When dialing another country, these country codes are dialed right after the exit codes and before the phone number you are trying to reach. To make international dialing easier, list the exit code on a piece of paper and list the country code below it and then the number you are calling below that. When written together it can be confusing when trying to dial a long string of digits.

Special International Dialing Cases

In many ways calling a landline phone is much easier than calling a cell phone. Because a landline phone is always located in a particular country, region and city you can look up the required codes for international dialing and make your call. Since a cell phone is mobile, its exact location will be different every time you call it. It is also on a different network than the landline phones and requires a different dialing sequence. In most cases you will have to know the carrier code for the network the phone is on to complete your call. This is an easy thing to find but does take a little more work. What makes this even more confusing is that this cellular carrier code is not something that every country requires. Some regions route these calls through the same international networks and allow you to dial them just like a standard landline call. To make this easier, many websites provide applications to help you figure out the correct dialing sequence required to complete these calls. You can simply enter the country you’re calling from, the country you want to reach and the application will give you the correct series of digits required to make your call.

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Long Distance: Ways To Save

By Rick

Long distance phone calls used to be a very expensive indulgence for most people. Staying in touch with distant family and friends might carry a lot of guilt for the cost of making the call. Many people would lose touch with loved ones over the years because of the high cost of these calls. This has all changed in recent years and these long distance calls are much less expensive than ever before and in some cases you can even make them for free. There are a few things you’ll need to know before deciding on which technology to use for your next call.

Totally free calls

If you have a computer with a microphone and a speaker attached, you can essentially make free long distance phone calls. There are many services like Google and Skype that allow you to call family and friends for free. The drawback is that these people need to also have the same free service as you and you will be talking to them on their computer as well. While this is a small inconvenience for most people, you need to know this in advance. Recently there are a number of companies that offer devices that connect to your computer that look and work like a traditional phone handset to make these long distance calls a little more comfortable. Adding this type of accessory to your computer is a great investment if you want to spend a long time catching up with friends on these calls.

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Low cost calls

The next step up in cheap long distance calling uses a technology called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which is a complicated way of saying you’re calling someone over the internet. This type of service requires a specialized box attached to your internet connection that allows you to use your current phones to make these calls. There is a monthly charge for this service but most people that use it like the fact that it works like their normal phones. You can even use standard features like CallerID and Voicemail with most of these vendors and in a few months you’ll completely forget that you’ve switched. The only difference you’ll notice is the lower bill each month. Most of these services include a certain amount of long distance calls with the plan and you can adjust the service to meet your needs if you call more often.

Using calling cards

Calling cards are another way that people make long distance calls at a discount. These cards can be purchased in various amounts and allow you to use the minutes you buy as you need them. The cost for these minutes is far lower than the standard phone company rates and makes long distance calling a possibility for many people that could not otherwise afford it. With some cards you’ll actually get additional free minutes added to your card when you initially purchase a larger block of minutes or reload it. These extra minutes help to make the card an even better value for people that want to call friends often. The other advantage of using a calling card is that you can make these calls from any telephone and bill the call to the card. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility when traveling and lets you call your family and friends from virtually anywhere.

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Long Distance Quotes Online

By Rick

Making a long distance call can be an expensive decision, especially if you don’t have a discount plan with your phone company or use a calling card. Even though there are a number of ways for lowering the cost of these calls, many people don’t take the time to compare their options. Getting a few long distance quotes from several companies will quickly show you how much you’re currently overpaying for your calls. These free long distance quotes are easy to locate and may even be right on the website of the companies you’re considering.

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Calling cards are a great option

For many years, calling cards have been the best way to get a discount on long distance calls. These cards are available everywhere and are very open with their long distance quotes for rates to other countries. In fact, some of the best pricing on these cards can be found when buying one for calling a specific country. Unlike the more general calling card that works for all long distance calls, this country-specific card has even lower long distance quotes for these restricted calls that is perfect if you only have family in a particular area. Calling cards also allow you to make your calls from anywhere you want and have as long a conversation as you have minutes left on the card.

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Check with your cell phone carrier

Cell phone companies have realized that they are missing out on much of this long distance calling and now offer programs to help you. The long distance quotes they offer may rival many of the calling card programs available today and make it easy for you by allowing you to use your cell phone for the call. These programs are pretty flexible and can be added to most existing phone plans for very specific calling needs. You can get long distance quotes by simply calling the company that provides your cell phone service and tailor them to your needs.

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Options for your home

With many homes moving from traditional wired phone systems to internet-enabled versions, long distance calling has become less expensive. These newer monthly plans may even include a certain number of minutes for long distance calls as part of your monthly charges. You can easily expand these minutes to fit your needs by adjusting your particular plan. You might find that the long distance quotes these companies offer are substantially lower than other options. Since these services use the internet to route the calls, their infrastructure costs are lower and they may pass these savings on to their customers. Check with you home phone provider to see what type of long distance quotes they can provide. Most of them are happy to add this long distance calling to your exiting plan at a very reasonable cost.

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The other advantage of adding these long distance features to a home phone is that it allows you to take advantage of other advanced functionality like voicemail and CallerID. You won’t want to miss one of these important long distance calls and knowing who is calling and being able to take a message when you’re out is a great way to make sure you get back to them quickly.