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Best Gas Credit Card - Your Search Ends Here, Fuel Stop

Gas emissions are harmful – whether in the elevator or on the road; even so, until we find an alternative fueling system, or can stomach things better, we are stuck with gas.

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What are gas cards and how do they help?
Gas cards are credit cards that offer you benefits every time you purchase gas. Since after death and taxes the only other thing that holds true is the upward spiraling of gas prices, you would be wise to acquire one after understanding how gas can also benefit you. Phew!

Gas cards work in two basic ways – either they have a rewards program or they have a cash back program.

The rewards program works by giving you points every time you use the card and these points can be redeemed at partner stores.

The cash back program is another way that these cards work – you get a certain percentage of your purchase in cash back. The money is either adjusted in your monthly statement, or deposited in your bank account, or the company sends you a check.

What is the percentage of cash back?
The general cash percentage back varies between 3 to 5 % though some cards offer you higher cash back. However higher cash back cards generally have some other way in which they compensate the high rate, like having a higher APR on purchases. Hence it would make sense to study a number of cards before putting your foot on the pedal and reaching out for the nearest one.

Do gas cards work everywhere?
Some do, some don’t. Depending on which card you go for, you would either be limited to one company for gas, or some cards allow you fill fuel at any gas station.
Also some gas cards offer you rewards or cash back only on your gas purchases and some allow you such rewards on other purchases as well.

Some gas cards also work in restaurants and allow you to get discounts or cash backs there. Saves you money on antacid I suppose. Don’t get so full of beans now that you see what the benefits are. Let me give you some pearls of wisdom first.

Compare Credit Cards

Pearls of wisdom
Not trying to be puffed up, I leave that for the rice. Here goes:

Study offers:
Every card available has certain pros and cons. Do evaluate them with care

Look at your travel routes:
If the card, whose offer you think is the best interest wise, doesn’t cover the pump where you daily pass by, think again. It is our daily and regular purchases of life’s necessities that get us the best gains. Be sure that the card you pick is useful at your local pump.

Look for cards with no annual fee.
That would be a very genuine way to save money. If you make full payments in time, then you would not pay any interest and without annual fees, this card is actually a free convenience that actually pays you cash back.

No, the card company has not got altruistic aims; they make the money from the gas company every time your card is used.

As you can see that gas cards are a convenient and simple way of saving money on something that you cannot do without – Fuel.

Aside: Pray that we find newer solutions to our fuelish problems; our planet is suffering from our emissions. Until then, be more responsible, use car-pools or public transport when you can, and help the planet breathe.


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Compare Credit Cards

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