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Bad Credit Small Business Loans: How a Small Business Can Obtain Capital

A smooth flow of working capital is the lubricant for every business and the lack thereof can derail and even shut down even the most promising enterprise. The very fundamental pillar of capitalism is “small business”. Small businesses not only drive the economy, they produce jobs, foster innovation, and maintain a smooth transaction flow.

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What enables small businesses to do the wonderful things they do? Cash flow. Without a smooth cash flow, even the most innovative enterprise will not be able to produce much. From hiring new employees to spending money on a new advertising campaign, small businesses survive on working capital. While receivables are one end of the equation, they are often not steady and dependable. Many small businesses turn to credit (often in the form of small business loans) to drive their operational success. The most common forms of small business loans include:

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Type Brand Type Loan Amount Credit Level Details/Apply
100DayLoans -- Pay Day Loans, Up to $1,500 in One Hour
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PayDay Loans, Personal
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Auto Loans -- One Application, Up to Four (4) Lenders Respond with Loan Offers
MAL Button  myAutoloan Auto Loans See Terms Good Credit Preferred
Prosper-- Peer-to-Peer Loans for a Variety of Needs (Personal, Debt Consolidation Loans, Home Improvement, Autos, Small Business Investment, Wedding Expenses, Major Purchases, etc)
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Credit cards (the business owner’s personal credit card), business credit cards, cash advances, receivables financing, small business loans (secured and unsecured), government loans, and others.

Small business credit cards

Business credit cards are often the most sought-after way to obtain loans for small businesses. Often, the small business’ owner of senior financial officer provides a personal guaranty to obtain a small business credit card. In this way, the officer’s personal credit history can impact the credit card provider’s decision.

Receivables financing

If your small business thrives on receivables from credit cards then this may be an option for you. While interest rates may be lower, credit card receivables financing remains an under-explored form of small business loans. Another form of receivables financing is merchant cash advances which are tied in to your future credit card receivables.

Small business loans

Small business loans (including bad credit small business loans) can take two basic forms -- secured and unsecured. Secured small business loans are generally available in lieu of some form of collateral (or security), while unsecured small business loans do not require any form of collateral.

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