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Bad Credit Loans for Individuals with Poor Credit Standing

Individuals with bad credit often do not even bother to apply for loans due to the fear of denial. While most lenders would prefer an applicant with good credit, with the recent economic debacle, many lenders have made changes and adjustments to their policies to accommodate individuals who are trying to rebuild their credit.

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Bad credit loans, in consumer jargon, are loans specially designed for the many who are struggling with poor credit.

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Type Brand Type Loan Amount Credit Level Details/Apply
100DayLoans -- Pay Day Loans, Up to $1,500 in One Hour
PayDay Loans, Personal
Up to $1,500 All Credit Scores, Good, Bad Credit OK
PayDayMax -- Pay Day Loans, Up to $1,500, Fast Cash, Up to 30% Off Initial Fees
$1000 fast!  PayDay
PayDay Loans, Personal
Up to $1,500 All Credit Scores, Good, Bad Credit OK
Auto Loans -- One Application, Up to Four (4) Lenders Respond with Loan Offers
MAL Button  myAutoloan Auto Loans See Terms Good Credit Preferred
Prosper-- Peer-to-Peer Loans for a Variety of Needs (Personal, Debt Consolidation Loans, Home Improvement, Autos, Small Business Investment, Wedding Expenses, Major Purchases, etc)
  Prosper Variety of Loans See Terms  
Discover Credit Card
Discover┬« Motiva Card   Discover(R) $0 0% Intro APR* Upto 20%* Cashback when you shop through

If you are like many who have been denied a credit line due to credit woes, don’t fret. There are lenders who will work with you (at higher rates, though, to compensate for the risk -- at least how they see it) to create a special loan program for you.

Fortunately, many of these bad credit loan providers will provide online approvals and some may respond via mail.

Here are some tips for those with bad credit:

  1. Determine your credit standing by contacting all the major credit bureaus. Fortunately, government mandates allow consumers to obtain one free credit report every year (from all major bureaus). You can visit for more information.
  2. Carefully review your credit report to spot for errors, inconsistencies, and mis-information.
  3. Contact the credit bureaus if you see anything amiss.
  4. Work with them to clean up your credit profile to the best extent possible.
  5. Make a list of lenders providing bad credit loans.
  6. Compare all the loan terms and offerings to determine the best possible deal for you.
  7. Remember, secured loans may be an option for you. You have to pledge some form of security, though.
  8. Don’t settle on interest rates alone. Consider all the terms the lender is offering, not just the interest. Look beyond the interest rate.
  9. Don’t hesitate to negotiate or ask questions. Policies are rarely etched in stone. Even if they are, you still have other lenders who will work with you.

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