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Bad Credit Home Loans can Help you Fulfill the American Dream

Want to buy a new home? Don’t have the financial resources? Don’t have good credit? Think you will disqualify, even if you apply? While you may not be able to obtain the best terms, don’t feel dejected. There are several lenders who will lend you the money with a special category of bad credit home loans, designed just for borrowers like you.

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Lenders understand that the global financial crisis, job losses, medical emergencies, and other uncontrollable factors may cause even the most organized and financially-savvy individuals to lose their stellar credit scores. Despite the risk of default, lenders devise special programs for bad credit home loans so even those with nothing-to-brag-about credit can buy their dream home.

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What is a bad credit home loan?

While there is no dictionary definition of “bad credit home loan,” for the sake of simplicity, there are two types of loans falling under the umbrella of this category – loans for home buyers and loans for those who already own homes but want to leverage their home value to raise money for emergency expenses, remodeling, debt consolidation, or other requirements.

In addition to lender protection programs, the government has create several programs to help home buyers under the auspices of Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loans. As the government backs these loans, lenders feel more secure offering home loans to borrowers.

Before applying for a bad credit home loan, consider the following tips:

Take stock

Under government-mandated requirements, all three major credit bureaus are required to offer consumers one free credit report every year. Do take advantage of this facility to determine what your credit score. In addition to the number itself, the report provides several details about your overall credit history.

Arrange for finances

Don’t just go and apply for a home loan. Carefully budget your expenses and take stock of your family income to determine if you can make monthly home loan payments. In addition to the home loan payment and other expenses, you must have enough income to take care of discretionary expenses, plan savings, and also reserve some financial capital for your future. In addition to the home loan payments, you will also be required to make a down payment toward the purchase of the home. This could be anywhere from 10% to 20% of the purchase price. Furthermore, the higher the down payment you make, the more favorable your home loan terms are going to be.

Compare and research

Don’t settle for the first company that offers you a bad credit home loan. As exciting and encouraging as an approval can sound (especially for those with not-so-stellar credit), continue doing your research and comparing different home loan offers until you find one that matches your needs.

Obtain the offer in writing

Even if your lender promises under oath, don’t take their word as a final offer. Ask for a written confirmation of all the terms. Check with your state’s regulations to find out local requirements (and protections).

Negotiate like a pro

Well, not all offers are etched in stone. There is plenty of room to negotiate and obtain more lucrative terms. Do your bit to work out a favorable arrangement. Lenders are as eager to lend you the money as you are (perhaps even more).

Read the fine print

Who loves reading complex legalese? All the WHEREAS’s and OFFEREE and OFFEROR. As boring as the legal jargon may sound, the rest of your future depends on it. Read everything carefully. If you don’t understand something, ask questions or seek legal advice from a licensed attorney. There are non profit organizations and other groups who may be able to help you out as well. There is plenty of help for those who seek.

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