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APR Rate Facts

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Those individuals that are interested in getting a loan or apply for a credit card probably know that they should be paying attention to the APR rate and the interest rates.  These will effect the payments that you will be paying each month and they will also impact your ability to improve or harm your credit score.  This is very important information that you should be looking into.

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  1. APR Rate Facts to Know

    You will find that your APR rate will not remain the same all of the time.  Most people think that they are getting a great deal when they apply for a loan or a card that is 0%.  However, they will not stay the same forever.

    1. Your APR rate may change in a few months.  This means that your application will explain that the rate you are looking at will only be that low for the first few months of the loan.  Then it will change and sometimes it may increase to a very high rate. 
    2. If you have signed for a card that has a variable APR rate then it can change all of the time.  You will not really have any warning about when it will change and you will not be able to do anything about it.  This can be a real roller coaster that you might be able to avoid if you just pay attention.
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An APR Rate to Feel Good About

People that must take out a loan or that really need a credit card should know that they can always take responsibility for their APR.  Believe it or not, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself when it comes to your APR.  Try to implement these tips the next time you are searching for a loan:

  1. Make sure that the APR rate you are looking at will be fixed rather than variable.  Then you can rest because you will know that it is not going to change every month.
  2. Find out if you will be facing a penalty if you do not pay a bill on time.  Yes, you might have a great rate but it might be tied to a really high fee if you are a day late on your payment.  Therefore, you may want to search for a card that might offer you a grace period or will not charge you late fees at all. 
  3. Consider transferring your balance to another lender that has a lower rate.  If you are like most people then you probably get offers in the mail all of the time.  Stop throwing them out.  Try to review them and see what they might be able to offer you. 
  4. Pay attention to the wording that you are finding in the terms and conditions.  You may be shocked to see that your credit card will offer you a low interest rate “up to” a certain amount.  This is key terminology to look for.  You may find that your interest rate may go up if you go over a certain limit. 

Your APR rate will play a larger role in your finances then you might realize.  The more that you educate yourself about this fact, and the more that you try to lower your rate, the better off you will be in the end.  Your credit will improve and your payments will go down.  Once you see the benefits you will be more motivated to find a great rate. 

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