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Air Miles Credit Cards - Fly Free or Try Card

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If your business requires you to travel frequently by air, then it would make sense to apply for an Air Miles Credit Card. Basically what this credit card does is that it gives you free air miles every time you use it. You can obtain this card in two ways: through your bank or from your favorite airline. Bank-specific cards allow you to obtain air miles that can be redeemed across a number of airlines whereas miles gained from an Airline specific card can be redeemed only for that specific airline. Since the interest rates on cards offered by banks compared to those offered by airlines differ, you need to examine these carefully before you decide which card to buy.

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Other aspects that you need to look into are your flying habits.

You need to know how often you fly and how many different destinations you fly to. There is no point picking up an airline specific card if it does not cater to all your destinations.

Compare rates. You also need to know which airline offers you the best rates per flight if you are looking to pick up an airline specific card. It makes no sense to pick up a card which gives you greater air miles, from a particular airline, if the fare from the airline is higher per flight. For whatever you gain by way of air miles will be a false gain as you will be paying extra per flight.

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Partner network vs. purchase anywhere. Most air miles credit cards allow you to gain miles through purchases that you make with the card on their partner network of stores. The basic premise is if you are going to buy, do so from our associates, or from us, and when you have bought a certain amount you will be rewarded with freebies.
Do make time to study partner companies/stores with the airline in question, as if those are ones that you generally buy from, then it makes good sense to purchase that particular card, as you will gain air miles even more rapidly, and not just when you fly. Also you will not be forced to purchase from partner stores that you may not prefer.

The entire package matters -- not just the airline but also the partner networks. All the miles you collect can generally be redeemed not just for free flights, but also for discounts on hotels, car rentals, restaurants and so on. You need to study the different features that each card offers before making the right choice.

What is your flying frequency? Think carefully before making a choice if your frequency of flying varies from time to time, as some of the air miles earned have an expiry date and are only valid for a certain number of months. You need to be aware about this and should be in a position to optimally utilize your collected air miles at the right time.

Annual fees. Another thing that you should be aware about is annual fees that may be applicable once the introductory offer expires. There may be other fees that may also be levied, so study the offer in question carefully.

Buy an Air Miles Credit Card and give wings to a free vacation. You will deserve it after all the flying you put in to earn it.


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