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Should you Accept Credit Card Low Rate of Interest?

When you’re trying to figure out what offers you want out of a new line of credit, one of the main considerations you’ll have to make is whether you should accept credit card low rate APR over other incentives. After all, there are so many different introductory offers and bonuses offered by different credit card issuers, and based on one’s credit worthiness they can take advantage of these offers when signing on for a new line of credit. But knowing whether a low interest rate on your credit card is ideal for your needs is basically up to a few essential concerns.

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Is your credit good enough for one of these offers?

When you want to accept credit card low rate interest as your introductory offer, you should ensure that your credit score and history is good enough to qualify for it. Most credit card issuing companies will loudly proclaim their ‘0 percent interest on all purchases for the first 15 months’… and in the fine print it’s easy to miss the fact that the offer only applies to people with qualifying credit. Often, that qualifying credit is at the upper end of good, and of course excellent.

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How low is the rate they’re offering?

When the average APR for a credit card today is hovering around the 16% mark, 14% APR could be considered ‘low.’ That’s still really high though, especially for people with a responsible credit history and a score over 700. You should really find out what your own credit score is, and try to accept credit card low rate percentages based on that information.

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How long does the low rate last?

Some credit card issuers provide a low APR for the first few months, while others may offer it for the first 2 years of your credit usage. Knowing when your low rate reverts to the normal APR can help you to determine if this card is right for you; when you’re getting a new card with a low APR to finance large purchases, knowing how long you’ll have to pay down those charges before your interest rate kicks in is essential to deciding whether to accept credit card low rate offered by certain card companies.

How high is the interest rate after the intro period?

With credit cards that have an extraordinarily low introductory rate, anywhere from 0% to 5% on all purchases made during the intro period, the temptation for you to accept credit card low rate without reading the fine print or investigating the rest of the terms of the agreement can be overwhelming. But you should keep an eye out for the normal interest rate on your card, the one you’ll be stuck with once your introductory offer has expired. That way there will be no surprises when your intro period is over.

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Should you accept credit card low rate of interest over other incentives?

That really depends on what you need from your credit card. If you’re looking for a card to earn rewards, something you can use for your normal, everyday purchases in order to earn some points, airline miles or rewards cash, then maybe a low rate intro offer isn’t for you. The people who benefit the most from a low APR intro are those who need to make a large purchase that they can make installment payments on, without being faced with the additional cost of exorbitant interest charges.
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